In view of great demand yearnings and of Satsangi Premies since long this book named “Bande-Se-Rabb” is in two volumes is being offered in the service of Sangat through the unending grace of Satguru  Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj.  We are feeling pleased very much due to the fulfillment of their keen demand of long.  The 1st volume of this grantha has already been offered to Sangat and this 2nd volume is now adorning in your hands.
    It was being felt since long that there must be a simple grantha in the Hindi language(our national language) which could be understood by every educated, illiterate, or o\an ordinary person with least amount of knowledge even.  There is no doubt that there are many books available here including Guru Granth Sahib, which are spreading light about Guru Bani and Amrit Bani, in our local language. But it is not easy for everybody to grasp and understand the intricacies of this self-knowledge and Godly sermons. Because the worlds and discourses of perfect Saints-Mahatmas can only be understood by a perfect human being because this knowledge about spirits (soul) and Paramatma is extremely microscopic and infinite.  Therefore only those Mahatma-persons can understand it thoroughly who have attained the higher stages of spiritualism through their personal efforts.  It is quite plain that a person who has not seen Paris at all, how can he tell us about its beauty, grandeur, its way of living, their conditions and their civilization.  Exactly the same is the example in way of spiritualism.  
    This grantha does not relate to any special religion special cast or country.  There is no sponsorship extended to it by any special institution or any cooperation is extended in writing this grantha.  There is no criticism included in it about the ways and methods professed in any cast, creed or religion or country or Dharmas.  This grantha is purely neutral, spiritualism, related and precise.  In the whole of this grantha almost all prevailing sermons of religions like (Hindu, Sikh, 

 Muslims, Christians, Jain-Dharm, Budh Dharm) etc's Dharm-granthas and quotes of sages and mendicants are exemplified.  It has been tried to show utmost in this grantha that the basics and principles of each and every religion are same.  Where there is the truth, it is supported by all religions without any hitch and where there are any doubts and illusions those have been dissected by all the religions clearly and mercilessly.
    Only those sermons and massages of various famous sages mendicants, ascetics and Saints-Poets and writers have been picked in the grantha which deliver some lesson or advice.  At some places, some slandering have also been included and some knockings have also been delivered, so that man may feel some shame and try to attain his real job of recitation of Guru-Mantra upliftment of his soul and reaching at his real-abode (country).
    This whole grantha has been divided into twenty subjects of different nature.  First ten subjects relate to “words'-  falsehood”  “human-birth”, “Kaal-death”, “Heaven-hell”, “Sexual indulgence”. Licentious Passings”, “Wisdom-intellect”.  “(About literacy and knowledge ),  “True-religion” “Virtues of Saints”, “Guru” & “Meditation-Shelter” and “Self-Surrender”.  And next ten subjects are thoroughly discussed in the 2nd part which includes “Service”, “Satsang”, “Gurumukh-Man Mukh” “Defamation”. “Love”, “Pangs of separation”, “Naam”, “Surt-Shabad-Yoga” “Prayers” and “Warnings”.
    All the perfect Saints-Mahatmas agree on one point.  They all have professed, written and delivered sermons according to true ways, means and languages local ragaas prevailing during those days for example during those days “Maru-Raag”, “Gond-Raag” Raag-Bilawal”  “Gandi”, “Bairadi”, “Asa-Raag” were common during those days.  People knew how to sing them properly and could understand them well as per their emotional and real values.  But at present, the prevalence and vogue of those have been diminished.  Because no one can sing them properly as per tune and harmony and neither anyone understands them meaningfully.  Saint-Mahatmas deliver through their sermons and quotes, the divine messages to men because they have taken birth in this world  

just for the liberation of souls.  Keeping this thing in view the whole grantha has been designed (written) in the manner; so that each and every ordinary human-being may be benefited out of this grantha.  No doubt that there is nothing new which has been revealed in this grantha; but wherever this necessity was felt then the quotes and sermons of various religions books,  Shastras, Puranas, Vedas, Gita, Sh. Guru Granth-Sahib and other creations of different sages and mendicants have been exemplified.  Just to bring home the point raised. Because modern people trust Saints of the present period a little lesser and similarly they may also trust us all the less. Actually, our advertency relates to “Naam” only so that general public may shun bad deeds and engage up towards meditation of God.  Dera Sacha-Sauda is a spiritual college (spiritual-university) where the practical method of recitation of Naam(Guru-Mantra) is taught and attention is drawn towards death.  The subject of all other Saint-Mahatmas has also been the same.
      No doubt that the grantha is not correct as per grammar but its language is very plain and easy.  In order to make the language tasty, flexible, sweet and melodious the local dialects have been adopted.
    These days extreme Kaliyuga is prevalent.  Mind and sense organs have spread so widely that general public has become creatures of indulgence.  All are saying eat, drink and be merry 

“Eh Jag Mitha Agla Kin Ditha?”  

The man has come in this world for enjoying and making merry.  There is no heaven or hell further.  There is no Chitar-Gupta or Dharam Ray neither there is any Sach-Khand nor there is any salvation, emancipation etc.  General public has drawn the conclusion that there is no existence of God.  Everything is the hands of human beings.  God is neither any power nor any nature.  Ending here, they are all busy to nurture the body and its decoration.  No one attaches any importance to this diamond-like birth, but instead of it they are losing their priceless birth against cowries.  Does this body formed with blood and flesh has no value other than this?  Flesh and bones will turn to ashes after burning and blood will turn into water and that even will dry up in the fire. 

 Even more precious is the soul (Aatman) than this body which exists in this body and providing authority (prestige) to this body.  Actually, the value and gaity(brilliance) of this body is due soul; only and all say come one, come on.  When this soul flies away then this body turns into a heap of soil and has its value reduced to nothing (not equal to the cost of straw even).  Rather relatives even start hating from the dead body.  Gurubani Says:-
    Jichru Wasi Kantu Ghari Jew Jew Sabhi Kahati.
    Ja Uthi Chalsi Kantada Ta Koi Na Puchhe Teri Baat.
None is ready to retain the dead body for a period of a ghadi (28 minutes) but try to dispose of it off to funeral ground or graveyard.
    Body is perishable and the soul is immortal and forever.  Therefore one must try to distinguish the immortal thing.
    The human birth is a very precious birth, which has been received after an enormously long period after spending eighty-four lacs of lives.  After an endless period and after suffering a lot of pains and miseries one gets a golden chance to meet God (The Lord, the Master).  In fact, this body has been granted for the sake of achieving this aim.  As is written in Gurbani:-
    Bhai Parapti Maanukh Dehuria, Gobind Milan Ke Eh Teri Baria!
    Awri Kaaj Tere Kite Na Kaam, Milu Saadh Sangat Bhaj Kewal Naam.
Even if now soul (man) does not meet with God then the soul will remain to roam for ages and ages in the circles of eighty-four lacs of births and deaths.
    Sh. Guru Arjun Dev Ji write:-
    Lakh chaurasih Bharmatia, Durlabh Janam Pieoie !
    Nanak Naam Smali Tun So Dinu Neda Aieoie !!
The powerful death god is riding over the head every time.  It is not known when he will snatch the life and catch the soul enjoying the luxuries of this world. Therefore one must try to ask the remedy from Saints-Mahatmas to avoid the death just now otherwise he will have to weep and repent later on.

    Hai Bahare Bag Dunia Chand Goz.
    Dekh Lo Iska Tamasha Chand Roz.

      Nature has made this world as a fully blossomed flower bed with fully blossomed flowers applying very colourful and attractive designs Splendid grandeur.  The clever nature with its art has made this paradise-garden exemplary by decorating it with various colourful beauties, beautiful spring-tasteful scents, flowers and beeds in demonstrating ways.  Uncounted souls(men) shaped birds and beetles, bewitched by the magic picture have become its worshippers and beggars and circulating in the circuit of 84 lacs of births and deaths, non-stop.
    No doubt that this surprisingly and great design decorated is full of heart-attracting views.  Maybe this magic-Mahal is full of comforting and luxurious substances and may its brightness and grandeur is extremely charming and bewitching but those wise persons who know the fact behind this outwardly attractive shape, think this world not more than an attractive dream of one night only.  The dream of the night come to an end after awakening in the morning but the dream of life and dream of this world ends after the eyes are closed.  From the point of view of Saints-Mahatmas, this colourful and attractive flower-bed shaped world is actually hypocrisy and a show of a Juggler. By careful securitization, it became clear like a day that this world of attachment and illusion (Maya) is like an inn body is like a house on rent and the reality of human life is like a night's rest.  In fact all the decoration and built up of this world as well as its substances are destructible and instantly perishable.   The soul shaped man goes on a distant journey to an unknown destination empty handed and barefooted and all alone at the end of the way treated by him during his lifetime.
    Nothing of this world like any object thing children-family wealth-fortune, friend-companies relatives. Co-workers etc can come to his rescue and neither can accompany him.  What to say about 

 anything else, but even its own body which comes with him at the time of birth does not accompany him, but rather becomes earth here.  Then this innocent human being like the cover of scum over the milk involving himself in selfish love and attachment remains the prisoner of this illusive prison.  It is nothing wise or credible on his part. The history of ancient Era (ages) reveals that since the beginning of this world a countless number of Rajas-Maharajas, Khan-Badshahs, so many Alexanders, Karun like rich Badshahs, so many great warriors, Wali Prophets, and incarnations, came to this world and went back empty-handed after completing their terms like without any dime with them.  Even the signs and names of many of them are not available now.  Even then the human being is considering this world as his own permanent abode and this life as immortal and free from old age.
    Akal purush or Waheguru to whom Hindus refer as Hari or Parmatma and Muslims as Allah or Khuda does not live anywhere outside.  Man (soul) goes on searching him as per beliefs of his religion in Vedas, Shashtras, Granthas Scriptures, Jungles or Hills.  Just think how a living thing (God) can exist in these inert things?  This way man ends up his whole life roaming in search of God.  The body of the human being is the real temple and true laboratory where God can be found if searched.  As per the Bible, “This body is actually the temple of God.”  That God lives inside the temple body of each human being.  Every sage, Rishi-Munies, Saint-Mahatmas, Peers-Prophets, Maha Purushas, and Granthas Vedas etc profess the same message that you must search him from inside of you.
    The way of spiritualism is not a subject of reading or writing this is the subject of practicing and feeling. Without doing practical effort all these knowledge are of no use and prove worthless.
    Amlan De Bajhon Ji, ‘Alman' Ilm Nikkame Saare.
    Koi Amal Kama Lay Too Je Jass Laina Satguru Dware.

 The hidden power of the soul can be revealed through practical efforts and practice.  That man (soul) who attains the real knowledge of spiritual ways but does not put them in practice (By efforts and labor) up to them that mysterious grace (spiritualistic wonder or Godly emotion) does not arise. That is the way all the perfect Saints-Mahatmas stress upon practice rather than the study of spiritualism.  Swami Ji says the following verse about it.
      Yeh Karni Ka Bhed Hai Nahin Budhi Wichar
       Kathni Chhad Karni Karo Tab Pao Kuchh Saar.
Practicing the knowledge of some education is better than accumulating the same.  Because spiritualism (knowledge about the soul and its qualities) is an art of practice and personal feelings.  By reading various literature about spiritualism one will be able to gain some knowledge about it but the complete gain will not be enjoyed through it.  This spiritual knowledge is never obtained unless learned from a Saint Mahatmas or Maha Purusha because it is a matter of practice and not only or learning alone.
      It can be said with confidence that none of the education is beneficial until put into some use.  Driving (any vehicle) can never be learned by reading the literature about driving only.  Knowing something about music or some machinery there are a lot of books available but none can be learned about that subject by merely reading about them in books.  In order to become perfect or Master of that art like a musician, Ustad or good mechanic one has to go to a good guide.  Nobody can become a good doctor or physician by merely reading some books. Similarly in order to learn some musical instrument, one needs to go to a teacher perfect in that instrument and touching a bash is not necessary for it but daily sparing some time and practicing the instrument will make one quite perfect in that instrument in due course.  But spiritualism 

 or knowledge about souls is such an art that can only be learned from a perfect Saint (Satguru) and without his aid it can never be understood at all.  Thus in order to gain expertise in this art of spiritualism “Guru” is a must.  Who can make any person perfect through his personal practice and guidance?
    With what thing Aatma has been made? Who is the Master?  Where does he live?  How the soul can unite with that Master?  The efforts needed in this direction are called “Yoga”  means “Junction”.  This has been prevalent since old times and it is being professed by Saint-Mahatmas since then non-stop.  During the Vedic Era, this method was advertised in a secret way in a secret way by Rishies and Munies.  Before that this method and was carried out by practicing though breath-Yoga (Pranayama) which was an extremely tough and rather dangerous method.  Extremely great restraint and preventions were needed to be observed during that method.  That was why the general public felt scared to step in that practice.  This yoga is called “Shabad Yoga” or “Surt-Shabad-Yoga” in the language of Saints. (For more details see the chapter named Surt-Shabad-Yoga in this book).  Many hints are available in Yoga-hymns(sutras) of sage Patanjali.  Buddhist Granthas, Upnishadas and many hymns (Sutras) of Yajurveda are available giving hints about this practice. Kabir Sahib Ji, Dadu Sahib Ji, Sh. Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Ravi-Dass Ji, Nam Dev Ji, Paltu-Sahib Ji etc many sages and Saint-Mahatmas have advocated this very practice.  This practice is purely spiritualistic and internal one but the real practice of this practical method was somewhat different in the different doctrine which was forgotten completely gradually.  People went on becoming Bahir-Mukhi (thinking externally) and adopted outwardly worshiping and religious rites and rituals only.   Now as sensitive persons quote it is like “snake has passed, you go on beating its drawn line.”  The public, in general, has become ignorant towards the knowledge of God, method, and practice to local God and search for God's existence, ways of spiritualism, its practization, spiritual stages (soul's stages) and their mysteries etc.
    The knowledge about the Master, necessary procedure adopted during practization of God's naam.  Method to meet the Master(God) and virtuous habits needed for spiritualism, proper ways to live in this world, to lead and pious life are detailed in both parts of this grantha, readers can read then thoroughly and draw a lot of benefits.

    Three things are mainly needed in the way of spiritualism.  1st is Satguru, Second Satsang and third is true-word.  All these three are called the basics of Saints education.  Guru must be true and pure, representing the truth. He must have become one with the truth (non-different). He must have been mixed perfectly with God, the true Master.  To sit in the vicinity of such a Guru means moving the company of truth is called Satsang.  The soul (man) is coloured in the colour of spiritualism.  Man get rid of the darkness of ignorance and enters in a zone of light.  His Satsangs gives the man a “Sat word” “Satnaam” or True-words of God.” Guru itself is a boatman of this life shaped staggering boat.  None can crossover this fearsome ocean of the world without the help of Guru.  It is due to the grace of Guru that the cover of ignorance is lifted from the mind of a person(soul) and soul becomes able to recognize the Master(The Lord, God) Sh. Guru Ravi Dass Ji Say in Gurbani:-

    Guru Binu Ghor Andharu Guru Binu Samajh Na Aaway.
    Guru Binu Surti Na Sidhi Guru Binu Mukti Na Paave.
    Satguru Bajhu Ghor Andhara Doobi Muway Binu Paani.

Now here the question arises that what should be the quality of Guru?  In Bhagwat Geeta, it has been clarified quite efficiently Sh. Krishan Ji while advising the Arjuna say like this, “You sit under the shadow of feet of Guru and do this service and practice only that Guru who knows the reality behind the substance, can teach you about that knowledge.       In Kathopnishada, it is written thus, “without getting bestowal, none can know about the Lord.  May he try to know through his wisdom of extreme extent.  As far as you do not get yourself trained from perfect-Guru, till then you can not find the Master.  He is too minute to be brought within the limits of thoughts (Refer to the 1st part's chapter “Guru” for more details).  

Only due to the infinite love and grace of Guru as well as by virtue of past good deeds, man (soul) engages in meditation
      Dhuri Karmi Paaiya Tudhu Jin Kau See Naami Hari Kai Laage
    There is no difference between the Lord and Guru; because Guru has become one with Master (The Lord). Therefore the worshipping of Guru is worshipping the Master. Those persons who love their Guru and maintain trust and devotion upon him are bestowed with extreme delight from Guru.  He unites them with the Lord in view of their love, devotion, and asceticism (penance).  Sh. Guru Ram Dass Ji quote:-
    Guru Tutha Jieu Ram Rajia Jan Nanak Hari Meleyie.
     The sages and learned persons with the knowledge of spiritualism have suggested two ways to meet God (1) Gyan-Marg (way through knowledge (2) Bhakti-Marg (The way through devotion.  But Saints-Mahatmas have told out of their experience that the way through knowledge is extremely tough and rather dangerous. “Giyan Na Galiye Dhundiye Kathna Karda Saaru”. It is not an easy job to get over the high attitudes and valleys of spiritualism through verbal knowledge.  Big hard workers, ascetics, recluse, and mendicants Hath-Yogies, etc have scaled very high attitudes of knowledge and fallen down.  Examples like the ascetics Maharishi Parashar, Rishi Jaimini Ji Maha Muni Wishwa Mitra, and so many other mendicants are available who had tried to reach God through the way of knowledge, only but remained tied in the mid-way only and could not be successful to reach up to the end.  Sant Tulsi Dass has said in Ramayana that:-

    Giyan Ka Panth Kirpaan Ki Dhara, Padat Khagesh Lage Nahi Bara.

    Or the ways of knowing is extremely difficult and is like an edge of sword it is very sharp harsh. It is very tough to negotiate it and is very painful also.  It takes no time to fell down upon this path.


    Bhakti-Marg (way through devotion) is a way through love.  Love and bhakti are both of the same shape i.e. there is no difference between the two.  Even Sh. Ram Chander Ji have agreed that the path of reaching to God through  Bhakti is easier than the path of knowledge. Bhakti path is far easier, comfortable and the best option.  He says, “If you want comfort in the world and in Parlok (i.e. the world to follow next than this world) then you must tie my words in a knot and keep them in the possession and then inhibit them in your core of heart. Oh, brother! the path of devotion (bhakti) is far more easy and comfortable to tread.  This way of devotion is a simple way to reach up to God if one goes like a devotee (Gurmukh) [please refer to part I of this grantha for more light on the subject  “Devotion” (Bhakti)]

    Naam Shabad [The Lord, the Master, God] is a true thing.  All the inert things of this world are meaningless as compared to it.  The base of this pure and true power is lying between the middle part of both the eyes.  From here the living currents are emanating down and are energizing and supplying prominence to all limbs of the body.  The real source of soul (surt) is the original word “Surt”(soul) catches that “original word” (Anhad-Shabad, means a word heard by anyone, anywhere else) and travels many many upper rungs of this universe and cosmic worlds (Khandas and Brahmandas) and many spiritual stages and after crossing all the three worlds mixes in the core word (Saar-Shabad) and then converts itself into Sat-Shabad and after this, it reaches upto the original word (Aadi-Shabad)  “Mukamen Haque”  and resides there.  All these worlds existing up to Tri-loki (the three-worlds) are destroyed during (Parlaya) Doom.  All the worlds existing below sach-Khand are destroyed during – Final Doom (Maha-Parlaya).  Sach-Khand and the three worlds existing above it i.e. “Alakh”, “Agam”, and “Aanaami” are such extremely high worlds where neither Doom can reach nore the effects of Final-Doom reach up to them.

    All the Saints-Mahatmas say that in order to cross this ocean of the world and meeting with the Lord(God, the Master) there is one and only one method called “Surt-Shabad-Yoga” which has been designed by the Master himself and is a natural way made by the God himself.  This way is not something new found today it is an ancient way and is prevalent since ages and ages.  Whosoever Saint-Mahatma has met God internally, have done so by treading over this path only.  By earning the wealth of Surat-Shabad a person even though living in this world and remaining clean and pure from the dirt of bodily and worldly substances.  As for example a water-fowl while swimming over the water flies away with dry feathers when desired or a lotus flower while originates from water but still floats over the surface of the water(means remains unaffected).  (Page ends 21 here) (Begins page 22) Param Sant Kabir Saheb Ji, Sh. Guru Nanak Dev Ji, etc all the ten Patshahies Baba Sawan Singh Ji,  Beparwah Mastana Ji have professed this very “Surt-Shabad-Yoga” method openly. (please refer to the chapter of ‘Naam' for more details)

    Jaise Jal Mahi Kamlu Niralmu, Murgai Naisaane !
    Surti Shabdu Bhav Saagru Tariye Nanak Naamu Bai Khane.


      Many Rishis-Munis, Mahatmas, Sadhu, sages, Yogi Budh Peer-mendicants came here in this world, and by virtue of internal practice where they attained spiritual (soulful) progress and they further passed on that progress and subjects to their pupils.  Those are recorded in their sacred books. So far as those pupils went on practicing over those internal secrets through their practical they went on reaping the benefits.  So far as they went on becoming outward-oriented (Barhirmukhi) they went on losing those benefits from internal(real) education.  Ultimately they lost that education forever.  This way they ignored internal efforts(practice) and indulged in the outer ostentations.  The methods adopted by them for the meditation of God can be divided into two distinct parts as per those written in their religious books.  1st is outwardly methods including worshiping through study and reciting verbally, Namaj, Religious-rites.  Kirtan, storytelling, traveling to holy places and many other rituals.  Second is internal worshiping.  Which is concerned with the soul and conscience.  It has also been said as Surat(attention) or consciousness (The power of feeling and thoughts).  It is existing inside the body itself and is granting status (power) to the whole body.

      This status(Power) or real brilliance is itself to be understood and known by us.  This opinion has almost been advised in all the religions.  Masih Sahib Ji has written in Anjeel, “knew thyself.”  The same thing has been advocated in Upanishads.  In Gurbani Guru Teg Bahadar Ji say:-

      Jan Nanak Binu Aapa Chinhen Mite Na Bharam Ki Khai.  Or so Jar as the person(soul) does not know himself his delusion of Maya(illusion) cannot be removed.  That is the way all the perfect Saints-Mahatmas advocate about knowing thy soul (Thyself). The soul is a part of God.  As per sayings of Kabir Sahib.