QUESTIONS BY SADH-SANGAT, ANSWERS BY Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan

1.  Which type of Sumiran is more fruitful, one by sitting in solitude and others by working, walking alongside?

A.  If any person performs Sumiran during walking, sitting, standing and doing business and continues to remember God every time, then he becomes habitual gradually.  Now when he sits in solitude, his soul vacates all the nine doors and tends to reach the tenth door earlier and enjoys the presence of God earlier.  Therefore, it is better to sit in solitude and continue Sumiran.

2.  What is meant by karma (actions)?  How do these affect our life?

A.  Human beings while performing the daily routine do any good or bad deeds through talking or by action by the use of human organs.  These are called karmas.  If we do bad acts we must reap bad results.  If we do good acts, we must enjoy positive results.  The best deed for the human being is the recitation of Gurumantra.  It results in salvation and his spirit enjoys freedom from the cycle of births and deaths.

3.  Some people practice fraud, falsehood, and show business even after being bestowed with Gurumantra. Why?

A.  Because hypocrisy is prevalent these days.  Wishing to be millionaires overnight and multiplying their cash manifolds continues to be the dear desire of their heart from the very beginning.  Such people remain prisoners of greed throughout.

4.  If we feed birds and animals after uttering the Nara (true slogan) or after the recitation of Gurumantra, then will this food help them to cut their bad deeds?

A.   Like the saying, “You are what you eat”, if we feed birds and animals after uttering true slogan (Nara) or after the recitation of Gurumantra, this will definitely help in reducing the effect of their bad deeds.

5.  If we recite Gurumantra at our home and never attend the Satsang, is it okay?

A.  The sapling of Naam needs the nourishment of water of Satsang continuously.  If a Satsangi continues to attend the Satsang regularly, it helps him in refreshing the memory of Satguru and about true words.  Thus, he is saved from the bad deeds up to a great extent.  Hence, to attend Satsang is a must.

6.  Do the Satsang is suffering more pain during their lifetime here in this world than any other ordinary individual?

A.  The dirt of bad deeds done by human beings during the past births is accumulated over his spirit.  Everyone has to suffer according to his sins.  In the case of Satsangi or his past sins are to be accounted for during this present human birth only, therefore they suffer more.  But it results in ending the cycle of births and deaths.  If a Satsangi wants to lessen the bad effects of his past deeds, he needs a lot of recitation of Gurumantra and also does the selfless service of humanity.  In the case of Non-Satsangi, his cycle of birth and death continues indefinitely and they suffer for a longer period.

7.  If Satguru (supreme saints) are free from the cycle of birth and death, then why do they come to this world again and again?

A.  Saints are free from the cycle of births and deaths.  They are actually a form of God himself.  They do not take birth due to their accumulated deeds, but they come here due to the humble request of suffering humanity to liberate them.  Therefore they have to take human form just for the sake of the liberation of helpless spirits.

8.  Is the age of a person fixed on the basis of the number of breaths or a fixed tenure?  Please clarify.

A.  When a human being takes birth, he brings a wealth of breaths with him.  That treasure of breaths is fixed by God.  Now it depends upon him whether to spend them quickly or slowly.  If he does so slowly then his life is prolonged.  If he spends them quickly his life is shortened.

9.  If a Satsangi commits a mistake, is he punished every time?

A.  Yes, if a Satsangi commits a mistake, punishment is a must.  This punishment has to be suffered either here or in the spiritual stages.  If that Satsangi begs pardon from the supreme saint and resumes recitation of Gurumantra, then he is excused from this punishment.

10.  Can supreme saints shed light on the past deeds of a person?

A.  Yes, supreme saints can reveal the past deeds of human beings.  Because he is not different from God.  Actually, there is no mystery between him and God.  They can reveal all the good and bad deeds of human beings done by him during his present birth or even during past births, but they never reveal the secrets of others.

11.  Can the recitation of true words fulfill every desire of a human being?

A.  Recitation of Gurumantra is aimed at reaching salvation and to meet the almighty.  That Satsang is who pursue this noble cause with strong determination they are surely bestowed with darshan (vision) of the Almighty and ultimately salvation.  But if his demand is not genuine, it is never granted by saint Satguru.

12.  What is meant by luck?  Can it be changed?

A.  The circle of karmas is very vast, which can never be diminished without the mercy and kindness of Satguru.  We have to suffer the effects of bad deeds of past births during this present birth.  Moreover, new deeds of present birth are also being added to the total of past deeds.  This system is known as his fate or luck.  If a man adopts Gurumantra and does selfless service to humanity, then and only then he can get rid of this vicious circle of life and death.

13.  Can this body which we are possessing now in this mortal world is also available in the spiritual worlds?

A.  No, this body does not reach there but only the spirit reaches there.  Spirits of Satlok enjoy the presence of God continuously and remain contented and ever happy.

14.  If Satguru is the almighty, then why does he not fulfill our total demands?

A.  It is a fact that the Satguru is almighty.  Nothing is impossible for him.  But the human beings sometimes demand such things from him which are not worthy of him or he does not believe fully in his Satguru or he does not follow his dictates in full or he does not comply with his directions faithfully – all these things result in the non-fulfillment of his demands.

15.  When we try to recite Gurumantra, it is felt sometimes that some power is opposing it.  Why so?

A.  The power which opposes us during recitation is called the mind.  This mind is an agent of the death god.  It does not allow us to concentrate.

16.  Please suggest an appropriate time for the recitation of Gurumantra.

A.  The recitation can be continued for all the 24 hours of a day, even while eating, drinking, sitting, standing, walking or doing the chores of the daily routine.  Even then the best period of Brahmamuhurat (between 2 to 4 am in the morning) is the best because all the atmosphere is quite calm and tranquil.  Hence concentration is quite easy at that time.

17.  If one falls asleep during meditation, does one get some benefit even then?

A.  When any person practices meditation he is rewarded for that.  Even when one does fall asleep during meditation because there is a possibility that he may get the benefit of the appearance of Satguru in his dream, which enlightens him to great happiness.

18.  Is the sighting of God possible? If yes, then for how much duration we can be able to see him?

A.  Yes, the sighting of God is possible.  It depends upon the purity of mind and the consciousness of that person, to the extent to which his heart is pure and clean.  If such a person meditates with true zeal and burning desire, he can see him earlier.

19.  Does a person of truthful nature need adoption of Gurumantra?

A.  Yes, for the person of truthful nature and a person desirous of getting salvation needs the boon of Gurumantra.  Only the true words of God are a truth, which is the food for the spirit.  This increases the strength of the spirit.  This spiritual strength is the key to success.  If a man possesses a strong spirit, he will never be betrayed from the path of truth.  So it is important to adopt Gurumantra.  Otherwise, also, Gurumantra is the only way to achieve salvation.  After the adoption of Gurumantra, one can achieve salvation and get rid of the vicious circle of birth and death.

20.  What is the difference between a person who meditates and one who does not?

A.  One is that who can see God when he desires and others is that who is deprived of this benefit.  The strength of the vision of God is the only key to move further.  The face of the meditator glows with the brilliance while the nonbeliever is always drowned in worldly worries.  Those who meditate regularly are always full of confidence to the brim.

21.  Which seat we should take while meditating?

A.  Adopt any type of seat which is not uncomfortable but that seat must also not be too comfortable to lure one to sleep.

22.  Can a true worshipper (Satsangi) encounter evil spirits?

A.  No, if a Satsangi (worshiper) follows the promises faithfully no such evil spirits can come near him.  Actually, evil spirits are such souls which die untimely and remain sad and suffering.

23.  A man encounters a lot of troubles during his lifetime.  What is the solution?

A.  Recite true words (Gurumantra) constantly.  It is key to all such problems.

24.  Can everybody recite true words (Gurumantra)?

A.  Yes, the gates of the ashram of saints are always open for each and every person.  After coming here all the poor-rich, small-big, child-old are bestowed with the boon of Guru-mantra.  Man can continue his daily routine while reciting Gurumantra in his thoughts.

25.  Not even a single leaf can tremble without the wish of God, then why a man is asked as to why he does not attend Satsang, recite the true words, and search the saints?

A.  It is true that even a leaf cannot move without the desire of God. The only man has been bestowed with a power of self-decision, which all other creatures are helpless because they are slaves of the death god.  Man possesses the sense to distinguish between good and bad, freedom and self-decision are also his boon, under their influence, he can decide his wish to perform good or bad he likes.  Even then if anybody says that even a leaf cannot be moved without the wish of god, then he says so due to the pressure of his mind.
26.  Those persons who do not practice the recitation of true words even after getting Gurumantra, do they also get salvation after death?

A.  That person who is bestowed with Gurumantra gets his soul insured and saved from the vicious cycle of eighty-four lakh births and deaths.  Now those ones who do not practice meditation here, their souls are held up in upper regions of the spiritual world so that they may compensate for the lack of meditation there.  Those souls have to strive hard for a very long period of time and face a lot of agony and pain for want of darshan (sight) of God, which is beyond tolerance for them.  Ultimately when those souls are quite pure and clean then God promotes them to his own abode the sachkhand and they get salvation in the end.

27.  The mind is found indulged in worldly thoughts during the period of recitation of Gurumantra.  Is that recitation acceptable?

A.  This is but natural for our mind to distract us away from the thoughts of Satguru (God) and indulge in the thoughts of worldly charm, whenever we are sitting in meditation.  If such a thing happens, get alert and try to concentrate on Gurumantra.  Stand up, stroll and repeat the Gurumantra hurriedly for a minute or two, resulting in melting those dirty thoughts away.  Now again continue your meditation peacefully.  Although the period during which you sit in meditation as per the advice of your Satguru is counted yet the real fruit of Darshana of almighty and glimpse of cosmic stages can be obtained

By concentrated mind only.

28.  What are sthool, suksham and karan?

A.  This triloki universe has been composed with three components solid, attenuated and beyond vision.  It can be said three worlds or three parts.  All the three are included in this universe.  Parlok i.e. another world is that where God himself resides.  The three worlds are as under:-

1) This world including the earth on which we all are residing along with our body.  Here we can see everything without naked eyes.  It is called ‘solid world.'

2) Then there also exists suksham ie extremely small world around us, comprising of extremely small things which can only be seen with the help of telescopes, microscopes or lenses, containing the countless number of germs, microbes and extremely small living things.  Similarly, there are attenuated worlds inside our bodies.

3.) This is beyond the vision world which can not even be seen by the help of most powerful microscopes.

29.  If any person who has been bestowed with Gurumantra commits suicide, then is his salvation possible?

A.  “Suicide is the greatest sin.”  According to all the hermits and mendicants of the past have quoted that a person who kills himself does never get peace in both the worlds.  If that soul is the disciple follower of complete saint i.e. is a satsangi if all the members of the family sit for a period of one and a half months regularly without fail for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening and pray for pardon to that soul.  Then the ocean of mercy (i.e. God) can excuse his blunder otherwise he will have to suffer extreme punishments in the spiritual stages.

30.  Is any person having solid faith in his Satguru is exempted from all the worldly rituals and hypocrisy?

A.  Yet is a fact.  If a devotee gets full faith in the Gurumantra and Guruji himself by constant meditation of true words and sees the reality himself.  He never indulges in useless worldly rituals and hypocrisy and feels that all these things are untrue and useless.

31.  If someone commits some mistake, then why he is punished along with his family members?

A.  Because the fine fabric of love is connected among them.  In the courts of God, although the person at fault is sentenced in the worldly sense his family also shares the same pains, sufferings, sentence, and stigma with his share.  The main cause of this is the love of his family.

32.  If anybody calls the slogan “Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra” during an emergency, then will he get rid of that trouble?

A.  The slogan of Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra favors the person with the graces and kindness of Almighty God.  If anybody utters the slogan with a true heart, then this slogan saves him even from the jaws of death.

33.  If any person involves himself in old rituals of ‘karam kaand' even after adopting ‘Gurumantra' will he still be granted salvation?

A.  That man who once gets himself bestowed with the grant of Gurumantra from the perfect saint he gets up on the way to salvation there and then.  Then that soul gets rid of the vicious circle of life and death.  But that person who has never practiced Gurumantra throughout his life, his soul after death goes to upper regions of spiritual worlds and is kept pending on the basis of his deeds for years together till after a lot of meditation that soul gets pure and clean.  Then this soul is called to the final abode of God i.e. Sachkhand.  Satguru never lets the bestowed soul unattended in the way, it may take a very very long period to do so.  Satguru makes the spirit able and takes it to Sachkhand in all circumstances.

34.  Can any person who has attained God by the dint of prayers, harm others through his spiritual might?

A.  Real devotee and satsangi can never think bad about others.  Although it is a fact that God is enslaved by his devotee it does not mean that the devotee if he wants to do evil to others or wants the evil to happen to others prays to God (Saint Satguru) for it, then perfect saints will grant him his wish.  The question does not arise.  All the spiritual saints, godmen, hermits, mendicants, ascetics always think and do the well being of the world as a whole.

35.  Should we take a meal or not with those relatives and friends who take meat, eggs and drink wine?

A.  Man is a social animal.  He has to maintain cordial relations with others.  But it is also important to save religion and one's principles.  And for Satsangi, it is a must.  He must avoid meat, eggs, and wine at any cost.  If you know that the particular house consumes all these things, then it is better to avoid eating anything there.

36.  In which life a man is born after death?

A.  According to one's deeds, the soul enjoys paradise and suffers hell and then again it is pushed into the vicious circle of births and deaths of eighty-four lacs of them.  Those souls have to take birth in the form of vegetation irrespective of the fact that whether it has come from paradise or hell.  After completing all types of vegetation circle then the soul becomes insects and then birds and then animals and ultimately becomes a man in the end.  This system takes centuries to complete.  This condition belongs to those people who have never been bestowed with the blessings of any perfect saint and are roaming without the boon of true words (Gurumantra).  However, sometimes Almighty grants these writhing souls, his mercy and bestows them to human form direct, so that they may get salvation.  This way those all souls which are granted Gurumantra by the perfect saint are saved from the vicious circle of life and death.

37.  Whenever I sit for meditation my family members object.  What to do?

A.  If the devotee has the burning desire and keen interest in meditation, none can stop.  Who can come to know if you go on repeating the true words in your mind while doing worldly jobs outwardly?

38.  If any devotee tells a lie during the business of selling-buying is he committing a crime?

A.  Yes, it is sin to cheat people for one's own benefit.  This act has given a shock to one's soul.  The business of deceit and lies cannot be run for long.  We all know that a kettle of wood can face the fire only once.  Similarly, a false person also loses his faith in public eyes very soon.

39.  if any person dies during blood donation, will he be slapped with the sin of suicide?

A.  If any person has such noble thoughts for the sake of humanity-service, then he is really a noble donator of the highest order.  That person who donates blood for some urgently needy person selflessly is called brave and bold.  This is a sign of extreme blessings of Almighty God over him.  Therefore he is never slapped with a sin of suicide.

40.  If any man abuses a Satsangi without any provocation, then what reaction should be shown to him by him?  Does God sentence that abuser?

A.  Love, regard, and humility are the greatest armors.  To reply to anyone tit for tat is no solution but God always sentences the sinner for his bad acts.

41.  If any Satsangi starts doing bad acts, can he claim the benefits of Gurumantra even then?  And the grace of Almighty continues to protect him or not?

A.  The results of bad acts are always bad.  Such a bad man always remains deprived of the mercy of God and has to suffer extreme pains and suffering during his stay in attenuated regions.

42.  If any soul requests for rebirth after attaining salvation is its wish granted?

A.  Salvation means freedom from all types of worldly desires.  If desires are there then confinements are also there.  So if any extremely lucky soul gets salvation and mixes itself with God Himself, then there remains no desire for rebirth.  Its extreme desire there is to continue to enjoy the presence of Almighty God, Om, Hari, Master forever.

43.  If any person who has been already granted immunity or excused twice for the breach of promises but still does it again, can he still get mercy?

A.  The mistake committed once unknowingly can be excused by God due to His merciful nature and the happiness of the man is restored.  But if a man continues to repeat those knowingly then it is not humanity but it is inhumanity and deprives himself of all the blessings of _____.  But it is also a fact that Satguru is empowered to excuse even the greatest of sinners if he so desires.

44.  Why the results of accumulated past deeds are to be settled during the period of human form only?

A.  Soul settles the results of past deeds in every individual birth-period but is realized during human form only.  Therefore it seems so.

45.  Which religion is the best?

A.  Humanity based on spirituality is the best religion.  The essence of all religions is only one.  They all persuade the man to unite with God.  You must do full regard to all other religions though you may follow any particular one.

46.  If someone is murdered, then his soul remains loitering wandering aimlessly or gets salvation?

A.  God has prefixed the time place and cause of death of each and every person.  In the case of believers, this responsibility lies directly with God who takes his souls to Sachkhand (true world), irrespective of the cause of his death.  In quite opposite case the nonbeliever's soul roams through paradise, hell, eighty-four lakhs of life and death.

47.  What are the virtues a true disciple should possess?

A.  The true disciple is the one who is the strongest believer, has full faith in his supreme master through thought, actions and belief.  He may die rather than breach the faith in saint-satguru.  He should remain quite firm on the advice of his Satguru.  The disciple should cultivate such virtues so that his master, God, Allah, Ram, Bhagwan may become happy with him.  He never lets the directions of his True Master to come to harm.

48.  Can any blind, deaf and dumb person by birth adopt true words and see the almighty God as a consequence?

A.  Due to the spiritual grace of Saint-Satguru even the blind, deaf and dumbs are bestowed with the boon of true words by letting them sit among general seekers.  While giving Prasad to them by praying for all these peoples so that Almighty may spread light among their hearts also.  The words of saint Satguru are renal and can never be betrayed.  Therefore as and when they meditate, they feel the light in their hearts.

49.  If a child who is still innocent dies what happens to his soul?

A.  That soul had only that much period as his fate.  “Fate is decided first, then the body,” is the law of the Universe and its creator, according to that the human form once lost is lost forever until he completes the vicious circle of 84 lacs births and deaths again.

50.  If we persuade someone to adopt Gurumantra and he breaks the rules after Naam Daan, then is the man persuading him for this is also harmed?

A.  Satsangi has hundred percent faith in the words of his perfect Master that his soul will be liberated due to the meditation of true words.  Therefore he tries to persuade his dear ones, relatives, friends, and kins to enjoy the benefit of Gurumantra so that they may also get rid of the vicious circle of lives and deaths.  If that person to whom he has got the boon of Naam Daan does not prove to be good for it.