Volunteers of Dera Sacha Sauda have established various milestones for environment protection, by planting approx. 44.34 million trees under the holy guidance of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

Baba Ram Rahim Initiative for Tree Plantation

Importance of Tree Plantation -
1. Noise pollution- Plants act as absorbing pads and safeguard against the drastic effects of noise produced by traffic, machineries etc. Noise pollution diminishes the power to think in people.

2. A major source of Oxygen - A Tree fulfills oxygen requirements of 10 people for an entire year. 

3. Help to combat Global warming- Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to prepare food, thus reducing carbon from the environment.

4. Cleanse Air- Trees cleanse Air of toxic gases like sulphur dioxide,  and various pollution causing particles.

5. Shelter for birds – Trees provide shelter for birds and animals

6. Help to prevent soil erosion– Trees act as an anchor, and safeguard during storms, floods et. They also help in maintaining the fertility of the soil 

7. Help in adequate rainfall for a region– Trees help in the good amount of rainfall. the regions, having an abundance of trees, are full of greenery and saved from ill effects of extreme climate.

8. Source of wood- Trees are also the major source of wood, for fire and for various other needs. Wood is a major source of fuel in rural areas, demand for which is adequately fulfilled by these humble friends of nature.

9. Source of fruits and nutrition- Trees provide us delicious fruits of all types. There is no substitute for Trees on the Planet. Mankind can never repay the nurturing care of Trees in the form of Shade, fruits, seeds, rubber, oils even paper, is the produce of this best buddy, of mankind. 

10. Medicinal value- Trees have medicinal value too. With thousands of varieties of Trees used in ancient as well as modern medicines, how can one neglect this most important aspect of our lifestyle?