Festivals have been the heart of our Country and we have always cherished them. They have always kept us waiting for the weeks and months in advance for the festive energy that comes along. But of late, festivals depress me, more than anything else. I have lost that feeling of ambrosia that I once used to dwell upon. I kind of wait for the festivals to get over soon. It’s all about the lights and noise, pollution, with “I have got better” than you. It’s all about drinking and shopping and marketing. The festivals are turning into a market and everybody is out there, trying to get a better price for their choices and tastes. So essentially the heart itself is missing. Although all the other elements have been gauged up, there is no life without the heart. We are all too social, but again hearts are not visible. Everything is undertaken just to impress.
As I had once seen in a movie, impress is the mantra today, but it is all about expressing. Expressing and understanding, empathy and compassion. We are on a roller coaster ride, and life is slipping away at a crazy speed. Before we would realize it would be all over.

It’s time to contemplate, to take it slow. To do fewer things, but do it with your complete self into it. Like a child who commits every task, losing track of everything around him. But we are doing every task, with our focus on the mobile, or a phone call, or every weekend planning. Also, celebrations are all about helping others, which we have forgotten. It’s about spreading smiles, cheers and wiping tears. It’s about including our elders into the moment. It’s about the community.
On the other hand, we have followers of Dera Sacha Sauda, who undertake every activity as a celebration of their special occasions. If it’s a birthday, or a wedding, or a festival, you will see these, folks dressed in their khaki uniforms distributing utilities to less fortunate. Or they would be donating blood, even helping in some rescue mission, far from the family.
You would see them, donning Khakis, even on their wedding day. For, these followers of Baba Ram Rahim, festivals or occasions mean more welfare. The Birthday of their Masters, they would be all out, the whole month, doing the rounds of welfare. Baba Ram Rahim’s mission being, zero evils in Society, and together these volunteers, are on day and night to accomplish the same. When you have a reason in life and a passion to serve, every day is a festival. I am really awestruck with this new insight and am trying to get into these same shoes, as followers of Baba Ram Rahim. I would say, we all should get into this new mode of festivities, and bring the charm of the old World back. Our traditions also suggested these as the prime means of celebration. Together, leaving no one behind.