We have come across this word, sometime back, when a lot of new updates emerged about Saint Ram Rahim, the chief of Dera Sacha Sauda. A lot of these stories were run on various television channels about the Baba’s lifestyle, his place of stay etc. And one such story was about his Gufa, various details were shown about how his stays in a Gufa, which is outside the entrance of Girls hostel etc.

Well, you will be shocked to know in reality none of this is true. This Gufa, is not really a cave, as shown everywhere, it is actually a regular building, but it was called Gufa earlier, as this was how it was called in earlier times. And even then, this was never really a ‘Gufa’ per se. what is shocking is that this a random small cave-like path, which is part of the cricket stadium is depicted as Baba Ram Rahim’s Gufa, and a random connection made to girls hostel.

I was really shocked to the core to see this as I have seen this specific Gufa many times, being a sporty person, my visits to the stadiums in Sirsa, are quite often to cheer my squad. So this brings the whole point, how can the Media so negligently report on such sensitive issues. And When I later spoke to some of the followers, I got to know, Baba Ram Rahim, stays in a building which is a regular residence like you and me. Although a lot bigger, but a person his caliber surely deserves one, In fact, this Gufa, now called as Tera Vaas is actually spread across some hundred hectares and a monthly meeting with 2 3 lac followers is conducted right inside this.

So this is how, one can realize how the two worlds real and fake created by the media, are nothing like each other.