Meet the exemplary followers of Baba Ram Rahim- ready to marry prostitutes, travel thousands of kilometres to rescue lives.

When a mountain of sorrows breaks down on a person, the relatives and family also leave for a moment. In such a case, the person thinks that if no one does not raise his hand for meddling, then what will he do? In such a situation, only the followers of Dera Sacha Sauda are the ones who not only live for others but also lend a helping hand to the Society Just a call and in few hours they are there as angels for the others.

In my lifetime, I have never come across volunteers as these humanitarian warriors of Baba Ram Rahim.  They are looking out for their neighbours, their neighbourhoods, towns, districts, States forming committees of various members.

Providing arrangements for marriages of poor girls, providing study material, and medical treatment to diseased, even providing houses for the needy.

What is best is the way, help is provided in an extremely organised and orderly fashion. One can see how they provide clothes, to the needy, in neatly packed packets, the monthly stock of groceries, blankets to combat winters, shoes, bags, medicines. I really wish if the Nation, could get these volunteers in equal measure, we might have not known poverty or diseases around us. Even with their blood, they make sure no one dies, in need of a pint of blood. Donating, Eyes, Body, Planting Trees, Cleaning surroundings, Awareness drives in Schools, colleges guiding all and sundry about the ill effects of drugs, alcohol etc. Millions of Units of Blood donated already and close to 45 million Trees planted by these thick-skinned followers.

Even the childless couples are provided, children. Orphans are adopted, Strays well cared for. Baba Ram Rahim’s warriors are true humans we can say. And if the followers are such examples of humanity, can the Master be any different, won’t he be living example of God, a messenger of God. After all, millions following a single voice are no less than the miracle. I have seen them travelling thousands of kilometres for their brothers and sisters in Bhuj, Orissa, Nepal. Even in Mumbai, just to clean the streets, 5 lacs volunteers were there with brooms and strong will. A will as strong as mountains, these volunteers can fight the God of death, to participate in a welfare activity. Marrying prostitutes and the young volunteers had their hands in the air in unison, all ready to be in Grooms attire. 1500 volunteers, able educated youngsters have pledged to marry prostitutes so the society can be transformed. Indeed, Baba Ram Rahim has some black magic as people doubt, else how can one convince millions towards such crazy endeavours.