What if we told you pop Music can transform a soul and take it to another level? 
Baba Ram Rahim singing in front of huge crowd

Well, we do know that music acts as therapy and can definitely work in relaxing the body and soul. But apart from relaxation, music can actually transform a soul onto a level unimaginable. Yes, one can actually see beyond its senses and even see oneself as a soul, who sees itself, and still separate from its own. This can actually bring an experience, unimagined. One can actually realize how he or she is not just a body, but beyond. How exactly, you may ask, you must have been to discotheques countless times, you must have been to concerts, too, but did you feel like a more liberated being?

Well, we all know that classical music is much appreciated and incorporated as a healing aid. Classical music has been even associated with spiritual upliftment with those difficult and high-end ragas. But even our very own jazz and pop can live up to this quality. But not through your YouTube and jukebox accessories. You need a Guru for the same. And not any Guru, mind you, Baba Ram Rahim. Yes, you heard it right, Baba Ram Rahim has been credited with coming up with a unique concept of spiritual musical concerts. In these concerts, He has been singing all night, with his unique designed sets and costumes.

He has been grooving to rock and fusion music that fuses profoundly with his soulful lyrics, which boast of his humongous love with God. Yes Love with God, how can one miss that? God, the creator who has given us a million reasons to love him. We are his unique masterpieces shouldn’t we appreciate and thanking him? These are some questions which Baba Ram Rahim’s treats his followers to and the answers that he gives to his followers are adorable, musical and most importantly bond these million souls to their creator. He ignites the spark in the minds of his followers, 70-80% of whom are youngsters and there you are, a whole generation, gen next, connected to spirituality. In the process, they know themselves as true souls of lord, almighty and are forever in the love with true Master.