Indra Singh became the 15th body donor, whose body was donated by His family after completing all the formalities for medical research. As per his pledge to donate his body after his death, his wishes were respected by his family members. His body was donated to GS Medical College, Hapur (UP), where medical students will be able to work on their research work to make way for new medical developments.

After this, the final journey was taken from the house to the electric house, after taking the body of the deceased in a car decorated with flowers. A large number of Dera followers accompanied on this journey, also praying for the departed soul and spreading awareness about body donation through their banners. All thanks to the efforts of Baba Ram Rahim Ji, hundreds of bodies have been donated by Dera Followers till date. Once considered a taboo, body donation has been embraced by these volunteers after they got to know about the ways in which the body can help in further advancements of medical science.

Assistance to students receiving medical education: Police chief

Berta police Chief Gurdeep Singh said that body donation, eye donation and blood donation are considered as “Maha Daans”. Students, who are pursuing doctor's education, get help in new research with body donation and two blind lives can be illuminated with a single eye donation. He said that the people who do such charity in today's era are indeed saluted worthy and he also expressed his gratitude towards Dera Sacha Sauda, which is making the Society aware of such initiatives.

Lacs have already pledged for posthumous Body and organ donation at Dera Sacha Sauda, following the teachings of Baba Ram Rahim Ji. And that’s not all; thousands have filled pledge forms for kidney donation too. As they got to know that they can survive on a single kidney, they are not hesitant to donate 1 kidney to a struggling life and continue with their own lives on just a single kidney. Again a couple of donors, have donated their kidneys to save lives, under this initiative, which is a part of 134 welfare initiatives by Saint Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

The above example is setting a new paradigm in humanity where a volunteer flew down from Italy, to save the life of another person, through his own kidney. And what will surprise all, that volunteer person had no relation with the person? Such incidents are keeping humanity alive, exhorts the rev. Master Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan.