DSS Volunteers Pay Tribute To Heroes of Pulwama, BY Organizing A Worldwide Blood Donation Campaign

When it comes to blood donation, no one is close to this socio-religious organization, Dera Sacha Sauda. DSS holds 3 Guinness World records and an Asia and Limca Book of Record, for blood donation. It has also been given the title, “true Blood pump” for its ability, to provide blood at all possible times and what’s more this pump never dries out. These volunteers have decided to commemorate 2nd Master, Shah Satnam Ji’s coronation day, which falls on 28th Feb, in the memory of martyrs of Pulwama attack, by conducting a worldwide Blood donation campaign on 27th Feb.

Dera Sacha Sauda

Dera Sacha Sauda is donating Blood for Indian Army since 1 and a half decade
Although these followers have been donating blood, for the Indian army, every month, for injured soldiers, this time, they are donating blood, in memory of the soldiers of the Indian army. Thousands of units of Blood will be collected at local block levels and donated to various Blood banks& hospitals across the nation, and even abroad. Baba Ram Rahim Ji has taught his followers to seize every occasion, to serve humanity. Followers commemorate every occasion, be it a birthday, an anniversary, or even a death in the house, with acts of welfare and kindness, as per the teachings of their revered Master.

Thousands are donating Blood today, in memory for those, who shed their Blood for Nation

Following the same footsteps, these volunteers decided to dedicate their blood for those, who shed their blood for the Nation. And this definitely is the best way; they can pay their tributes to the sons of the motherland, who shed every drop of blood, for the nation. Hundreds of followers are gearing in, to donate Blood, in their respective Blocks, Naamcharcha Ghars, or other community places, hospitals, blood banks etc.

Baba Ram Rahim

DSS Followers abroad too are Donating Blood Today

What is noteworthy here is that the followers abroad are pitching in too, with their own share of Blood for the brothers and sisters in the respective countries, while praying for the heroes of Pulwama attack. A prayer session, Naamcharcha and blood donation campaign is also being organized by Dera Sacha Sauda on 28th Feb, in their Sirsa Ashram. Followers from near and far off places will visit this pious abode to offer their prayers and to donate blood for the needy. Teachings of Baba Ram Rahim Ji, are keeping these followers on their toes, and they are always, ready for any call of humanitarian service. Only, if a million more such followers come our way, or better still why can’t the Nation, follow these simple teachings of this braveheart Saint Baba Ram Rahim Ji and say goodbye to all the vices haunting the society. That is actually the mission of Guru Ji, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji, to end all evils that plaque the Nation and make it a Guru country as it was in the ancient times. We only hope to see this happens soon enough.