Enjoy a successful & perfect life with regular meditation

This is very precious time, if you resort to meditation ––prayers of God then you can make your human birth synonymous to immortal and gain endless happiness, supreme bliss and sit in the lap of Master after this life, after getting freedom from trans migration. For this, spare some time for the remembrance of the Lord which will absolve you from every problem, worry or tension. These words by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan show true path to a soul.

Respected Guru Ji says that people remember God only at the time of need. No one likes to think about him without any need. Rare are those persons who remember him every time. People change colour at the time of need. People wear the garb of devotees when required but internally they are the same with habits of evil mongering, backbiting and condemnation of others. Those persons bow down for cash-riches; bank notes-votes again and again never like to remember God Allah, Master even by name. Such persons are of duel nature. Money, cash- wealth is their main interest and they can go to any extent for the same.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim ji says that if any Devotee fulfills the mission of Master’s love smoothly up to his last breath, he becomes worthy of accolades from all Satsangis. Which Kohinoor-diamond can become equivalent to such person? How can all the wealth of Triloki be equated with such person? It is another issue that his mind or mind-driven persons may fill his brain with something worthless, because the agents of Kaal(Satan) are also human beings. His Holiness told that he has seen such types of persons who go on telling people that the Master has given me so much grace, so much prosperity etc, but when their mind overpowers them, then in a split second they forget all the benevolences of the Master. Therefore beware of your mind and from mind-orientated people.

Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that no one is trustworthy in these dangerous days. The meager wealth of sumiran preserved by you may not be squandered in the deceit of such person. Only Allah, Waheguru Ram or any perfect Saint-Faquir of him is trustworthy here, otherwise be cautious. This is Kalyuga and there are many squandering chums here. They will sing your praises so far as you will go on feeding them and on stopping they will begin to challenge you. Here people are slaves of their mind to a large extent. They know it that their mind is deceiving them but still they are being trapped in the bait of mind. Mind is very merciless, none knows that when it may run its trait of deceiving.

Saints never give curse anyone,forget doing bad. But the naughty mind translates every matter in reverse manner. Those whose intentions are bad always make out that the Saints are pointing out this thing to him only. They point out not to them but to the bad actions done by them. If a person shuns evil acts then it may seem to him that saints are not pointing out to him. Man may go on doing as much as he likes, yet without sumrin-meditation of Ram Naam nothing will accompany him. 

Everything is destructible and untrue except Sumrin-Meditation. The love of the Master, Allah, Ram, Waheguru, Satguru, is the only thing accompanying a person. Therefore  with constant meditation of God’s Name regularly and lead the life as per spiritual norms. The grace of Lord will shower upon you surely.