Make optimum use of precious breaths by spending time in meditation

Citing an example of a woodcutter through a story His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that there was a woodcutter who used to earn his living by cutting wood from jungle; turn them into coal and sell. Once a king drank water brought by him. He was highly pleased and granted him a garden of sandalwood in lieu of it. Since that fellow was ignorant about the quality of sandalwood so he sold whole of the garden by turning it into coal. When later on he came to know that it was a very high quality wood then he started weeping and repenting bitterly. Similarly saints advise the people that you have been granted breaths like that of sandal and you are making them coal through your evil acts. Hence remember the Master with earnest desire, true yearnings-emotions, then you will become worthy of his kind grace.

Baba Ram Rahim

His Highness says that the Master has given you breaths by count. There can be no plus –minus in this. Suppose that the age granted to a person is 100 years. A human being draws 17or18 breaths per minute. But the speed of breathing increases in intoxicated conditions and one begins to draw up to 30 breaths per minute. Thus all the breaths allotted to him will be finished within 50 years only and he will die. Though the breaths can never be increased or decreased yet God is empowered even to turn dead into alive. Question and Answer session by His Holiness Gurmeet Baba Ram Rahim Ji

Q= Guru Ji I feel myself upset.
A= Surely, it may be right. You may be frustrated, unable to take decisions, double-minded and feeling insecure without any reason. The reason behind all these problems is that you are weak spiritually. Start meditation-prayers of the Master earnestly. Shun tensions, be bold, do good-noble deeds, then your problem will cease positively.     

Q= Respected Pita Ji, if there comes some break in the continuous meditation, does this mean that all the previous efforts have gone to winds, needing fresh start ?
A= No, nothing is like this. It is like missing one doze of medicine which harms if missed once. Otherwise meditation must never be missed altogether because one can do sumrin at any time of the so lengthy day. One can resume it bit by bit as and when time permits. None forgets to eat during whole day. Similarly sumrin must never be ignored completely with an exception of one day or so.
Q= Ram and Krishan are both the names of the same power then why people claim Ram to be senior?
A= Ram and Krishan were two incarnations but the Ram referred in spiritualism is the last of all these four.
Ek Ram Dashrath ghar dole, ek Ram ghat ghat men bole
Ek Ram ka sakal pasara, chautha Ram trigun te niyara.

One Ram was the son of Dasrath Ji called shri Ram Ji. Second Ram is mind, which is referred as Mani-Ram in Hindu-Sikh scriptures which never agrees to adopt Ram Naam.
3rd Ram is Kaal- Mahakaal, Trilokinath who has created this world and all these idols. 
4th Ram is other than ‘Triguans’ i.e. three qualities [Gunas] which make man different from other spices. These are Ramo, Tam-ho, Sad-ho. Therefore that fourth Ram is above all these three qualities. That power is the Super power, the Master. Triloki is comprised of Sach- Khand, Satlok and Anami where our soul goes after death. The Master of all these worlds, that Light house, Supreme Power, Noore- Jalal, is called the fourth Ram and is the biggest of all. He never dies, never takes birth, exist inside everybody, Omni-present with billions of shapes.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

Q= That person who has not got initiated with Gurumantra by you and recites Om, Ram, Ram. Will he get salvation?
A= To be initiated by me or not, is of no cause of concern. Only that person who has adopted true Naam of the Master can get rid from 84 lac births. Ram never appears by repeating Ram Ram again and again. If at all it appears then it will be the Ram of Triloki circle. That whom I refer is a must to be called by his proper Naam with deep concentration. Then only he appears, and is only the one, who is authorized for granting salvation-freedom and none else.
Q = My husband is a hard core drinker. I am miserable. 
A= Prepare meals at home by doing sumrin. Go on doing sumrin for four months continuously and prepare what ever is required. Pray to God for peace. This process has succeeded in other cases and the problem has been solved. 
Q = When the soul reaches at Nij- Dham then for how many days it is retained there?
A = For ever. You will be there and the glowing glimpse of the Master will be there. You will be accommodated in his lap for ever. You will enjoy everything which is available in this world there multi-million times tastier.