Meditation (Recitation of God’s words) Is The Armour Against Evil Mana Giving Negative Thoughts

Those who are the lovers of Master demand only one thing; the Master himself from him, because the charms of Sach Khand (divine abode) come under his command; far from this dirty world, who lives under the command of Allah, the Lord. These words by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan shows the direction to a soul, who is clueless about its own purpose and existence.

Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that evil persons (those who let themselves swayed by their own minds’ negative and evil thoughts) entangle good ones in their glib talks and turn them also like them. They fill their minds with such dirt that he begins to shirk from Allah, the Lord and goes on drowning in the acts of backbite, condemnation, leg pulling mind –Maya and in those acts which destroy a man altogether. Then he has to suffer hell in both of the worlds. If Satguru tells this; while initiating the Gurumantra; that one foot will be here and the other in Sach Khand and the same Satguru if speaks this as well; that if you will resort to the condemnation of  Saints and betray the innocent-truthful ones away from the Master then you will even be pushed into hell. This is the choice of Satguru. If he is empowered to maintain one foot of a devotee here and the other one in Sach Khand then he is also empowered to remove both feet away and push one in the hell.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji says that saints always wish welfare for the general public. Trees-plants never eat their own fruits. Sea never drinks his own water, similarly, saints come for divine service. It is my duty to caution the devotee about those, whose minds tend others to fall, to drag him towards evils because Manmukh (those under influence of mana) persons are very shameless. They put such a powerful impression upon one’s mind that the matters relating to their Satguru, Allah, and the Lord seem futile to them. At that time it is the duty of Guru to remind them that it is a very fearsome period of Kaal (satan) hence please avoid those naughty people and their glib talks which drag you away from Allah, Master and bring you closer towards condemners.

Revered Guru Ji further says that ‘Oh man! You have been granted such a high cast by Allah, Ram, and Master then why do you sweep the streets with brooms? While the Saints have made your soul as a super queen. Is it dignified that one who even being the child of Allah, Waheguru, and Ram may suffer knocks from hither to thither and clean dirt for petty returns? Recognize thyself. Know thyself. Avoid the company of atheists and materialists. All your breaths are waning without the recitation of Naam.

Baba Ram Rahim exhort that saints honor an effigy full of dirt through their kind sight. Love it and make it worthy of love by all. Even the cancer of the third stage ends if anyone sits for meditation for two hours anywhere. The disease of trans-migration of life-death by Satan comes to an end and Lord takes over to make one prosperous to the extreme limit. If you do not like the discourses of saints anymore, then please sit for meditation for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. You will automatically come to know whether your friends-mates are saints or ones under influence of mana. This fact will come in front of you. Saints will still pray for him, ”Son! May you be blessed with wisdom, pious thoughts because saints can never wish harm for anyone. Saints even pray for those who defame them.

How saints can do harm to him who has walked over the path of Master for a single step even? Avoid those mean fellows who instigate you against the saints because their agenda may be something else. Hence avoid notorious persons. Men are thoroughly selfish in worldly dealings. If their interests are fulfilled, then it is alright, otherwise, they give a kick. Saints guide all. Who undertakes action up to what extent, depends upon the human being. Hence take action as per the sermons of saints. Recite Ram Naam because Kalyuga is in full youth. Kalyuga is in top gear then Master is multi-million times stronger comparatively. If you will undertake meditation with truthful heart then it is possible that the merciful Master may grant you something which was not otherwise possible even for years’meditation during the ancient eras. Therefore practice meditation. Meditation here is the recitation of God’s name. It is such Armour which makes the arrows of condemners, mischievous and Manmukh persons ineffective.