When social evils spread their wings, its time to clip them off

Meat-eggs are the storehouse of hell’ telling about this issue respected Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that most persons think that non –vegetarian diet enhances strength But if strength is restricted in consuming meat only then please try your strength against the horse, elephant because they consume grass-leaves only. On the other hand, science also admits that man is vegetarian by nature. Therefore we should refrain from non-vegetarian eatables. Respected Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji took a promise from the audience against meat-eggs consumption asking them to raise both their hands in unison, to pledge against the same.

Speaking on another social evil, ’Female foeticide’, Baba Ram Rahim Ji says ‘female foeticide is a grave sin’ and when the presence of a girl child is noticed in the womb of a mother then people immediately think of aborting the same. When a pliers-like instrument is entered inside the impregnable fort of the mother, then that mini life trembles with fear. She is pulled out forcibly or removed by cutting her into small pieces. Alternatively, that mini life is burnt inside the womb itself with acid or chemical sprayed through injection and then that is pulled out and thrown over to the dust bin, where stray dogs tear her out pluckily to eat.

Those who do so and expect themselves to be called to manage the most condemnable ones for such heinous and savagery act of killing one’s own daughter and serving her to be eaten by the dogs. In our religions, a mother is given the next rank after God. But those who let their own daughters killed are not mothers or goddesses but witches. In rural areas, the Doctor is still respected as God because he saves lives. But that doctor who murders a living being by cutting her into pieces is not a God but a butcher. Daughters are not less than sons. Give them a good culture then they will prove to be better than boys. Do not think that only sons can brighten your name. Daughters are competing ahead these days.

Highlighting the dangerous effects of drugs and intoxicants respected Gurmeet Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that these days the menace of drugs is rising. Tobacco, gutka etc are filthy intoxicants and these are contributing to numerous dangerous diseases like cancer of throat, lungs etc. Informing about the ingredients of these items His Highness says that the excreta of donkeys, dried powder of lizard and the dirt of sewerage are added in them to enhance their intensity. Striking hard at the roots of hypocrisy His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji expresses his concern and exhorts that man gets easily upset these days. One is looting while others are being looted because they fill the mind of ignorant people that your house is haunted by the spirit. Females come under the impact of fear in no time. They plead that why the trouble need be invited just for some cereals and readily hand them money, or other precious items. But by doing so you are spoiling their habits. He is bent upon eating illegitimately and should be told to earn by rightful means and hard work.

Respected Guru Ji clarifies in terms of religious practices and says that our scriptures preach that there should be some land earmarked for cultivation near every religious place like temple, Gurudwara, Mosque, and Church.

Those living in these places, should work hard and toil on that land and earn their living as well as offer parshad to the visitors from this money. But instead, total reverse practices are followed. They ask the visitor to feed them and keep a little par shad for himself also. It will do well to you. Such a system is dominating everywhere. Man is running away from reality. This is the reason why God never appears. People do not become worthy of their grace-kindness. We tell you a guaranteed Method of Meditation, Gurumantra, Naam Shabad, Kalama. If you put it into practice sincerely, you will gain internal peace, tranquility, bliss and will become worthy of the kind grace of the Master surely says the respected Master, Baba Ram Rahim Ji and following this method, millions have got connected to a life of bliss and tranquility at Dera Sacha Sauda.