As part of  MAJLIS  20-04-2009 Holy sermons of Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

SIRSA = Rain of nectar, Aab-o-Hayat is showering nonstop. An open ground contains many pitchers. Some of them are laying upside down, some oblique and others semi-oblique. A few of them are lying upright and uncovered. Though it raining, yet it is meaningless for the pitchers lying upside down, because they are receiving nothing at all. Those who are laying oblique/semi-oblique are gaining some drops due to air flow. Those which are upright will contain water to its full capacity. These words were said by respected Hazur Pita Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan during the course of Ruhani Majlis of the evening at Shah Satnam Ji Dham Sirsa by singing bhajan. ”Tu agar khud ko kho nahin sakta, uska didar ho nahin sakta” and elaborating it.                                              

Continuing further Baba Ram Rahim Ji said that human beings are like pitchers who are soaked in pride so much so that they have no concern with Allah Waheguru or Ram at all. They are selfish in their acts, therefore their pitcher is also placed upside down. Some are laying oblique/semi oblique who attend sermons sometimes or the other. It is alright that they are doing nothing bad, but are not doing significant goodness as well. Now those who are like upright pitcher do meditation/Sumerian (dhyana) of Allah, Waheguru or Ram. Never indulge in wrongdoing to others. Work for public welfare to their optimum capacity.

You people work hard for any job in the world and gain success in it subsequently. You are busy day and night for materialism. Have you ever engaged wholeheartedly into earning Allah, Waheguru or Ram’s love? One year’s duration is needed for passing one class. You have devoted so many years for obtaining a degree, but how much time have you devoted to Allah, Waheguru or Ram? Total meditation, if done for two months regularly @ of one hour in the morning-evening; become 120 hours. Which on further calculation comes to just 5 days and 5 nights. If you do not intend to sit for meditation of 5 days and 5 nights then say that God is not there. This will become a problem like those of owls. 

Once young owls said that ”Friend! All birds cry that there is a Sun”. Others suggested,” Let us ask from our oldies.” When they asked from their father he said, ”I have been dead tired to hear again and again that Sun is there.” They went to their grandfather. He suggested asking from the senior most owls. When they told this problem to him he smiled and said,” I have never seen any Sun for the last 100 years” A swan was listening to them sitting in their vicinity. Swan laughed heartily and said, ”Oh you blind of wits!  Sun is there but you do not possess the eyes worthy to see it. Similarly, Allah Waheguru or Ram is also there. You just watch by yearning in the memory of the Master for six months. It is possible that you may not need months and success may visit you in days even, and you may begin to get signals about it. A man remembers God with deepest yearnings when he is enmeshed in the trouble. But such persons are very rare who yearn for the vision of the Master by doing meditation morning-evening.                                 

Citing an example in this regard His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji, said that an emperor kept a large quantity of appurtenance in open ground; in order to test his subject. He announced by the beat of kettledrum that separate shops are displayed in the fort ground. People may come and have anything of their liking but with the condition that if one enters in one tent once then he will have to pick material from that very tent. None shall be allowed to enter in the next tent. The emperor also sat in that very ground over a throne. People started coming. Some of them picked objects like atta, pulses etc. for household needs. Others took cash. Some were fond of horses and they took horses. Some went towards elephants. Some more sensitive ones turned towards silver, gold, diamonds, and pearls respectively.

 One gentleman came. He enquired whether he could pick any object kept on the ground? The emperor replied,” Yes, anything kept in the fort ground can be picked by you without any hitch. That person caught the emperor by his arm. The emperor asked, ”What are you doing?” He said, ”I will pick you” The emperor became wonderstruck, but agreed in the end and said,” O.K, I belong to you”. Then that man said,” If it is so, then why this plundering is going on? This all luggage belongs to him, whom the emperor belongs”    
Similarly why people do not demand God from God? They simply demand petty items. All our religions advocate that if something is to be demanded then demand Master from the Master. Rest everything is destructible. One has to leave everything here as it is. None is worthy of friendship here. If you have to win friendship then grab such a person who never leaves anyone in the lurch in both of the worlds. Such a friend is Allah, Waheguru or Ram. If you will love that Allah, Waheguru, or Ram then certainly you will earn his grace-kindness one day and your pouch will be full of prosperities up to the brim instructs baba Ram Rahim. Indeed, the spiritual treasure is the best treasure we can behold!