Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that a man should be Gyan Yogi as well as Karam yogi simultaneously. Every religion teaches that one must eat by dint of hard work and through fair means. We have been created by one and only one Prabhu- Parmatman. Our cast is humanity. Hence never hate others. If you have to hate then hate your dirty habits. Neither criticizes anybody nor torment others. All these nonsense habits can be controlled by the recitation of Naam of Allah, Waheguru, Bhagwan, and Ram.

That Omnipresent Lord is found in each grain and speck of this world. His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that man must not resort to outer show- hypocrisy. In order to become worthy of gaining the kindness of that Prabhu-Parmatman one needs to cleanse one’s conscience. Human beings are advised to act upon the holy sermons of Saints –Mahapurushas after listing them. God is not hungry of wealth –cash of anybody. He watches the emotions, love, and devotion of the individual. Therefore one should never oppress the hapless and innocent creatures.

Respected Guru Baba Ram Rahim JI also says that as a mother rushes upon hearing her child weep, similarly if anyone weeps /yearns for God, Allah, Waheguru, Ram with deep devotion then why will he not rush for him?

Holiness stresses upon the meditation of that Param Pita Parmatman who is the Master of both of the worlds, the tower of light whose trance is pursued by god –goddesses, Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh as well.

Prohibition regarding the use of meat, eggs, the wine was advocated by respected Guru Ji forcefully by explaining their harms elaborately. Sadh Sangat vowed not to use them in the future as a consequence. He also says that when the presence of a girl child is noticed in the womb of a mother then the act of abortion is resorted to. When a pliers-like instrument is entered inside the impregnable fort of the mother, then that mini life trembles with fear. She is pulled out forcibly or removed by cutting her into small pieces. Alternatively, that mini life is burnt inside the womb itself with acid or chemical sprayed through injection and then that is pulled out and thrown over to the dust bin, where stray dogs tear her out pluckily to eat.

Those who do so and expect themselves to be called the man are the most condemnable ones for such heinous and savagery act of killing one’s own daughter and serving her to be eaten by the dogs. In our religions, a mother is given the next rank after God. But those who let their own daughters killed are not mothers or goddesses but witches. In rural areas, the Doctor is still respected as God because he saves lives. But that doctor who murders a living being by cutting her into pieces is not a God but a butcher. Daughters are not less than sons. Give them a good culture then they will prove to be better than boys. Do not think that only sons can brighten your name. Daughters are competing ahead these days.

During the course of Sat sang respected Guru Ji Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan also regularly replies to the questions of Devotees in detail and satiate their curiosity.