Fight Evils - Both Inner And Outer To Take Your Soul To A Higher Level

Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that these days man has been blinded by false pride so severely that he sees none except himself. Such persons do not have any aim and are wandering in this world aimlessly. They do not like remembering God any more. While our religions have classified life span of human life as first part, 50 years as a householder and second part as an ascetic by renunciation of the world for meditation of God only. But these days there are house holds only and no Brahmcharya-ashram or Sanyas ashrams anywhere. The householder system begins from childhood and does not leave the person till death. One is advised to recite the Name of the Master simultaneously with discharging the duties of household. By doing so he will become worthy of blessings of the Master. Waking about the duties of a person towards humanity His Holiness says that it is the part of duty of a person to extend help in lifting those who are fallen. If he can not do so then he is not authorized to push those persons down or put obstacles in the path of those persons who are treading the path of piety. Man is required to do goodness to others, may adopt humility, meekness and mercy. These days people do not do so, but rather stop others from doing so. If you resort to such action then these will result in a lot of worries, tensions problems in your home. But these days man thins that he possesses the best brain. I am the only sane person and rest others are fool. But you should not  fall a prey to pride. Those who do so are sure to suffer.

No religion propagates drugs and intoxication. These are very harmful for the body. This is quoted by respected Guru ji during Sat sang. All religious teachings are anti-drugs. But the people of every religion are using intoxicants. They are rushing towards ruins by indulging in the habits of drugs by ignoring the religious teachings. Why they are not stopped? Our religious teachings prohibit us from indulging in the use of intoxicants because these are the foods of savages. Thousands of homes are being destroyed due to drugs. The young generation has been badly mauled by the nefarious drug activities. Public must shun drugs, because these are generating various diseases. Cancer like incurable disease is one of them. Please leave these intoxicants urges the true Master Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan.   

Consumption of meat increases the chances of diseases. Prohibiting the public from consuming meat-eggs, His Holiness says that if some non-vegetarian guest comes to your house and you serve him the best possible dishes and eatables and serve him to the best of your hospitality. He will say that nothing good was served and it was all grass like preparations. Non vegetarians plead that meat is more powerful. But it has been noticed that almost all massive animals are vegetarians. If there would have been power in meat only then how come the animals like elephants, horse, rhino etc are so powerful? Others give plea that there is no harm in consuming the egg. Upon this, Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that you never lick your spit but the egg which comes out from the spot discharging excreta is eaten lustily. This dirty thing is completely harmful. If we dissect an egg we find two parts in it the white one contains salt and the yellow one cholesterol as per scientifically, these result in blood pressure, tension, hypertension, irritability, and heart attack. Pulses contain double energy than the egg. If you are interested in gaining more energy then eat soybean which contains 23-27% protein which is triple than that of an  egg.


Cautioning against female foeticide which is the gravest sin His Holiness says that when a girl child enters a womb and doctors confirm it then abortion is resorted to. That child when pulled out from the womb with pliers and if she does not come out then they cut them in pieces and removed. In an alternative method that innocent mini life is burnt inside itself by acid injected through it. After this she is removed and thrown in the dust bin, where dogs eat her up plucking. Those who are doing so claim themselves to be called as a man.  Shame upon such manliness! Who kill their own daughters with their own hands and offer them to stray dogs for consumption. That mother who has been given the position next to God by our society is not a mother or God but as per religions a vampire who kills her own child. Doctor is still considered as a God in rural areas, because the job of a doctor is to save life. But that very doctor who cuts a mini life into pieces for money is not a doctor or God but a butcher instead.