Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that Indian civilization was very forward in ancient times. He also believes that our civilization and culture is the most open. India has given the whole world zero, decimals, but you do not know that the definition of love is also taught by India to the whole world he says. The definition of true love was taught in the holy Vedas. And from here it spread all over the world. So do not think that you are from the backward class. If Culture, civilization has originated from somewhere, then it is India.

People from the USA, Canada, outside the UK, visited our Nalanda University, to read and study. And used to tell the whole world that we have been studying at Nalanda University. And today if someone has gone to study the US or Canada, they brag about the same. 

People have now started saying Fufa, Mama all Uncle as we speak more of English these days. People don’t understand relationships as all are called uncles. Do you not feel comfortable speaking your language he asks?

Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji

Everything in our language has a definite name. Our language is very sweet. There are so many sweet languages in India and so many different traditions that make the world visit this unique nation. Our Nation was world famous for its Guru-Disciple tradition. But somewhere along the line, this tradition has been diluted and even shown in the bad light. Time has come, we realise our potential which lies in our ancient wisdom says Baba Ram Rahim Ji. He also says that there is enough evidence, to prove our Vedas as Mega sciences even big scientists have made inventions taking help from our Vedas. A link here can help shed some more light