MAJLIS (Spiritual session) By Baba Ram Rahim = 21-04-2009.
SIRSA = This is the age of evils, in this yuga of Satan, where one man blackmails the other, loot each other and show to be nice fellows and clever companions even while doing bad deeds. This very period is the most horrendous period. People have forgotten Allah, Waheguru, God, Khuda or Ram at all. Forgetting this fact that this very soul is the glow of that Supreme Soul; human beings are immersed in materialism. These words were spoken by respected Hazur Pita Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan during the evening Ruhani majlis at Shah Satnam Ji Dham Sirsa while singing and elaborating the bhajan, “Kaal desh men aaye tum, jabse liya hai ye janam, bhool gaye ho sab kuchh tum, kis liye hua ye aana”.


Revered Baba Ram Rahim Ji said further that the only solution of materialism and bad deeds is to recite the Naam of Allah, Waheguru or Ram. Man is sad while living in the country of Satan. Those who are connected to the Naam of Allah, Waheguru or Ram are happy otherwise the clouds of worry, ailments, and tension are ruling the roost all around. A human being is getting distanced from the Master duly drowned in worries tensions and problems. Whatever is known as bliss, serenity, happiness has been burned down. Man can get happiness, supreme bliss, and leisure in this alien country of Satan, right in materialism, in the grip of mind-Maya if he resorts to the recitation of Allah, Waheguru or Ram Naam during this period of dense Kaliyuga. Time is there and the chance is still there. Recite Master’s Naam because time and tide wait for none. 

Oh man! If you utilize this human birth for meditation/recitation of God then you could be free from the vicious circle of Transmigration, get rid of all the troubles problems and tensions. Baba Ram Rahim Ji soothes and advocates all.  But this soul has adopted this country of Kaal as her own Though one may have to suffer as many pains yet none like to leave this country willingly. Every human being wants to stay put here. Men suffered so many sacrifices to gain immortality. They have done much more and doing so as yet. They have built numerous things but everything remained lying here as it is, and they have gone leaving this world. One was sure to go and that time is bound to come but before the arrival of that time if one may Meditate on the Naam of Allah Waheguru or Ram and earn the expenditure of the next world then he may become free from trans-migration, and earning the kindness-graces of the Master may enable him to enjoy contented life in this world of Mortality.