Human’s birth is the best birth. salvation is possible in this birth only. That Master, Allah Ram Ishwar is one and imbibed in each and every grain of the world. If man performs good deeds, meditates on the Lord’s name, then he can see the glimpse of the Master in this body itself, says Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan.

Guru Ji points out that from the point of view of spiritualism God, Khuda is that tower of light out of which even Kaal-Mahakaal have been created. He knows everything of both the worlds though being single. Revered Guru Ji told that all religions teach the lesson of unity. The meaning of religion means to unite man with Allah, Ram. Religion is a unique science. The world is busy in research of sciences but none researches the subject of religions. If man may follow the teachings of religion religiously then the waves of hatred, jealousy, disputes can disappear altogether from the face of earth.

Baba Ram Rahim Ji exhorts, what a wonderful artist God is! His artistry is beyond comparison. Like flowers, leaves, so beautiful colors, human beings etc etc. Create true cravings to gain him. Get up earnestly in the morning of Brahm –Muhurat between 2.00 to 5.00 A.M. and meditate for his grace and glimpse, sincerely. Shun inner bad habits. Do not maintain hatred and dualism with anyone in your heart. You will surely access unto him.

Respected Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that it is not necessary to renounce one’s home/household for getting God-Master. Recluses, mendicants, seers all had done meditation of Allah, Waheguru, and Ram while living in their own homes. That Almighty God is not hankering after the wealth of a person but for his feelings. Man longs for his family, children, business, profession etc. Man must make the same kind of restlessness for gaining God. The person who succeeds in doing so and yearns for God earnestly,  then the Master surely grants him his mercy-kindness and vision. That God was the bestowed, is the bestowed and will remain the bestowed. He never demands. God bestows a person according to his devotion-sentiments. 

Baba Ram Rahim Ji stresses hard upon earning a living through hard work and legal means. If one earns by the dint of hard work and truthful means then those cereals grant him prosperity and tranquility. The wealth accumulated through cheating, forgery, dishonesty never imparts peace, calmness, and bliss. Worries tensions –problems go on increasing. It is the wealth earned through deserving-truthful means and sumrin of the Master that grants peace of mind, tranquility and calmness.

Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, further stresses that the dirty habits of a human being do not leave him easily. It is only through meditation of Prabhu that man succeeds in doing so. Hence the meditation of God is a must. Men these days suffer with tension, worries –problems. The reason behind them is the lack of moral courage, which can be enhanced through the sumrin of the Master. Yours Holiness pointed out that man is not so sad due to his own grievances but due to the pleasures of others. If you are in possession of sufficient wealth these days and your neighbor has more than you, then instead of feeling comfortable with yourself you will feel upset that why he possesses more than you. Hence you should feel yourself comfortable with whatever you possess and if you desire more then pray to God for granting the same.

We all should pray for the prosperity of all. Always do good deeds. God will surely reward you because nothing is impossible for him. He can put life in the stone even if he wishes so. His meditation turns mountain like bad deeds into small pebble. But for it the pupil has to remain firm upon the sermons of his Murshid-e- Kamil and pure knowledge without practice is of not any use Man has to face the court of death-God after death. He is granted heaven-hell as per his deeds. This thing has even been admitted by scientists of today. Freedom from trans-migration/salvation is possible only through the sumrin of the Naam of God.

Enumerating about the evils of drug menace and advising the public against the use of intoxicants, His Holiness says that these are the homes of destruction. The most impure/dirty items are added in them. The gold-like body becomes leper with serious ailments. One can only be absolved from these intoxicants with the help of sumrin of Ram Naam. Respected Guru Ji secured promise from the audience for shunning drug menace in future by raising both of their hands.

Stressing hard against the social evil of female foeticide Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that this menace is spreading swiftly in whole of the world these days. Awakening the masses against the increasing gender-imbalance, crime-cases, tyranny and lawlessness, His Holiness advised the parents and the doctors concerned to adhere to their right consciousness. Guru Ji called upon the Devotees not to kill their daughters but send them to Shahi Betiyan Basera Abode of royal daughters, a lovely abode, built for abandoned girls, in Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa [Haryana],  if they are unable to nurture them.

His Holiness also says that money has attained the top priority in place of integrity and faith of most of the persons. One can go up to any extent for gaining it. But those who adopt the path of inhumanity, tyranny, greed also bear the consequences for them and none likes to mention their names even. While Ram Naam is eternal since ages and will continue to do so. Those who tread the path of Ram Naam are revered greatly and they become immortal for ever. If the soul has any base during this period of Kalyuga it is simply the Ram Naam.