Whosoever loves the Master attains such an attitude in his mind and heart that an environment of bliss and ecstasy overtakes him just by the mention of his SatGuru and his mentor seems to be visible to him in each and every grain and speck of this world. His soul sways in bliss and dances merrily and detachment overtakes his body-mind. This discourses by the revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan are a part of his numerous Satsangs held in every part of Country to make the masses aware of their real purpose on this planet.

Continuing further respected Guru Ji also says that the soul dances gaily after enjoying the gratifying grace of dear Satguru again and again and says, “Oh dear Satguru! From where to where have you elevated me in the intoxication of your eternal love! Otherwise, I would also have been the same heap of dirt like this world. You have turned us even more precious than diamonds and gems. Had we been sold in the world, we would not have fetched even a dime. But since when we have been sold in your love we have become priceless.

His Highness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that if Peers-recluses wish they can grant blessings extending up to many Trilok is. But the inferior thinking of human being oppresses him, lest the other one should not grab that blessing. Such persons hand over their own meditation to those they look to. In spirituality, if you find someone progressing in the love of the Master, then it is your duty to raise yourself as well, so that you may also gain the desired progress. If you nurse envy with someone then you transfer your own bliss to him and you empty yourself. Because when Satguru grants his blessings then he grants it to all equally. Since your attention is upon that fellow instead of Sat Guru, therefore, your reward will also be delivered to him. This is the principle of spirituality.

Comparing the love of the Master with the scent of the soil of the desert after rainfall, His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji recalls those days when he was residing in Rajasthan State. Rajasthan is a deserted land. “When raindrops fell,l I used to run to the fields and squatted on the sandy dunes and enjoyed the rainfall. A lightly scented smell would produce and fill the environment. It seemed like the earth –mother is squandering perfume all around. That sweet scent infatuated me profoundly. That sweet scent made me remember dear Satguru. Just as rainy season brings something for the worldly people but for the lover of the Master it brings the memory of his Master. The intoxication of the Lord’s love engulfs him completely and his soul becomes fragranced exhorts the true Satguru and Master Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan.