Simple methods to stop pollution caused by burning of Crop residues by Baba Ram Rahim

Burning of residues of crops has been a grave threat in recent times, adding to already hiked pollution levels. Specially in winters, this problem takes a monstrous level. Farmers from Haryana, Punjab taking to burning their stashes, causes huge pollution menace in the capital. Delhi has been struggling with mounting pollution levels already. But this problem may not be all that huge, if we followed the tips and techniques of Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

Yes long before, this problem became a headache for the authorities in Delhi, Babaji directed his followers, the farmers in the region, to not burn residues, identifying the issue. Instead they were given a call, to bring the residues in the Ashram, to feed animals. This will tackle the problem on many levels. Firstly tackling pollution, secondly it will help in farms to retain soil moisture and finally it also solves the food problem of the animals. And followers of Dera Sacha Sauda, have been following this religiously and reaping the benefits at multiple levels. They even arrange for transportation and pay for the same, thus helping the society big way. It is high time, farmers recognize these measures too and follow the same, for everyone’s benefit. While, this is definitely useful in talking pollution, saving their farms fertility is another motivation for them.

Baba Ram Rahim has been giving this clarion call since long and in fact, this is even one of the 133 welfare initiatives as part of Dera Sacha Sauda’s list of welfare activities. This year actually this welfare list, has got one more activity added taking it to 134. And another activity added is also connected to pollution. Baba Ram Rahim’s Followers pledged to not to add to the pollution levels in their neighborhoods and also, take every measure to stop pollution.

Meanwhile, authorities are rising to the grave dangers caused by burning of crop residues. A District level Kisan Mela was organized in village Bagpur on the same topic. The chief guest and chairman of the program, co-director, Farmer's Counseling Services, Dr Ashwini Kumaraddressed farmers, stating that due to the burning of crop residue, the serious problem of environmental pollution arises and both the nutrients and the organisms present in the soil are severely affected. He, therefore, appealed to the farmers to not the burn the residues and adopt organic fertilizers. Organic farming along with organic fertilizers is indeed useful for the environment and for maintaining a healthy nation. Baba Ram Rahim ji too, advocates the use of organic methods of farming, in fact, He was the one who initiated the concept of “Kisan melas” were farmers where provide guidance on efficient use of technology and shifting to scientific farming methods, to maximize productivity and reap the benefits.