A single breath can make you worthy of the Lord, the Master

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that man has been allotted priceless breaths. If a man meditates on Allah. Waheguru, Ram’s name, with a still mind and true yearnings then the price of that breath becomes equal to the price of whole Triloki. It means that one breath will make a man worthy of glimpse of the master, the creator, after crossing ‘Khands-Brahmands’ (galaxies), provided you meditate with true pangs true heart and restlessness. Your Highness says that price of breaths cannot be paid; priceless breaths can give true value only by being capable of the glimpse of the Master. If you are facing any problem, tension, worry, then invest these breaths in the memory of the Master: surely the kindness of him will be showered upon you. If you continue to do so for a period of two months then you will be blessed with the spiritual glimpse of the Master definitely.

Making aware about the period of presently dreaded Kalyuga, His Holiness says that the people are ready to fall down for the sake of wealth to any extent. People are falling down to the extreme limit in order to earn money. Such a period when evil is prevalent all around, Kaal(Satan) is blooming in his youth.

In such period if the meditation of the Master is undertaken then it bears fruit faster. The solutions to problems begin to appear. People these days do not feel shy while talking on other subjects incessantly. But if the topic of Ram Naam, virtues of the Master begins then they rush out quickly just like on getting freedom from some confinement. This is what is called the period of Shaitan, the Kalyuga. Here harmful pursuits are taken up daringly but those helping them by granting peace-tranquility are shied away. If seen with another angle; this the worst period for masses but for devotees it is the golden chance to meditate, most easily. Because when the powers of Satan multiply, then those of Dayal (Lord) also increase to match. During ancient days our mendicants-recluses and seers used to meditate for many years and their bodies used to be infected with white ants; wild animals used to roam around them; still, they continued their penance uninterrupted. Then they used to gain the fruits of their labor which the devotees are getting in a couple of months in this time.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that people these days, go on thinking about their business or wandering somewhere else in thoughts during meditation. They do not get any physical comfort or spiritual peace. If you want to gain the graces, mercies and kindness of God then engage yourself in his memory with deep and true yearnings. If you want to attain your goal of salvation engage in sincere efforts. This way your sins of past numerous years will be washed down and you will become qualified for the kind vision of the Master.

To invest these breaths in the memory of the Master is really a great act. But man these days; blows out anger, envy, hate, pride, jealousy, sensual –voluptuous emotions, mind-illusion embers; then how he can have peace? From where one may one’s cool? Whatever he thinks contains condemnation, envy, evils for others. Attention is drawing away from goodness for others, then how peace can be gained? How Supreme Bliss can be achieved? Therefore one should normalize one’s thoughts. If your thoughts are fine then you can gain nearness to the Master even in household life. God does not bother that at which place you are residing? He simply checks your thoughts. He does not see poverty or richness. He sees the true emotions in you. Everybody including King or subjects prays to God and the Master grants them with his kind grace and blessings. Hence one should not distinguish on the basis of caste or creed. We are all human beings in his eyes.

Respected Guru Ji says that if you are surrounded by bad elements and notorious persons, then please do not forget that you are the man of God. For example, Kabir Ji erected a hut for the recitation of Ram Naam. A butcher also came to live in the vicinity. When Kabir Ji used to do the sumrin in the early morning, the butcher cut goats simultaneously. Kabir Ji got upset due to this nuisance. Ultimately he pacified his heart by his saying,”Kabira Teri jhonpdi gal katian ke pass, Jo karan ge so bharan ge tun kiyon bahayo udas” Therefore Brothers! Instead of heeding the remarks of others pay your attention towards your Master, and thus you will not stumble.

Otherwise, no one knows when you may indulge in evils under the influence of your mind. Saints tell that this world is slippery ground. Hence keep the extremity of Allah, Ram, and Master firmly in your grip. Walk upright over the right path guided by saints resolutely. You will never slip, otherwise, if you leave that path and adopt the other way round then the vicious insults will be heaped over you throughout your life just in return of momentary pleasure. Those who look for evils in Sat sang, remain vacant from the all the graces bestowed by the Master. If you control your sight and tune your mind with the Master during the course of Sat sang you will be rewarded with profound bliss and prosperity. But others who let their mind betray toward evil irrespective of the presence of saints gain a little as per their devotion because the Master is looking them, therefore, learn to act upon the sermons of saints and engage your time in the memory of the Master. Thus all of your worries, tensions, and ailments will be removed, and you will gain supreme bliss says the reverend Baba Ram Rahim Ji.