SIRSA - Past deeds of previous births of those persons are nullified who come to Sat sang and act upon the sermons delivered there. The package of past deeds of previous births remains tagged to the soul. No one can guess since when our soul is ducking in this ocean of sorrow. One does not know since how many centuries this soul has been separated from the Master. These words were said by respected Hazur Pita Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan at Shah Satnam Ji Dham Sirsa during the course of Ruhani Majlis of Wednesday evening by singing bhajan, ”Jo jeev sangat mein chal ayenge, paap janam janam ke cut jayenge” in his sweet voice and elaborating the same.                        

Respected Baba Ram Rahim Ji said that nobody has measured /weighed the time. This soul has been separated from the Master since time immortal. A man if drowning in water and unable to breathe feels hard to survive a few minutes, but this soul has been drowning in this ocean of the world since innumerable centuries. If any shore can be shown to the souls drowned in sorrows and regrets, it is only by the recitation of  Naam or meditation on God, Allah, Waheguru, or Ram's words. There is no other alternative that can help one to gain freedom from transmigration. The network of fraud designed by one’s mind is very strong. Mind lures one so sedulously and shows the shore but drowns him down in the end. Therefore brothers! Do not lend ears to your mind. It is the duty of the mind to generate evil thoughts. Mind boosts the ego of a person to such an extent that he overlooks all the petty matters and man forgets that height itself is not ever beautiful. Water is never retained upon the dunes above but in the depressions below. It is not compulsory that fire going upwards will not come down anymore. One day it is bound to fall. Therefore do not blow up your pride up to the optimum limit.

Do not heighten your ego so much that it may fall flat later on. If you want to boost your ego nurture the soul by gaining energy, Meditate on the name of Allah, Waheguru or Ram, which makes you meet the Lord, otherwise, pride makes one pauper. Those who hold the extremities of humility and love their Allah, Waheguru or Ram succeed in reaching the abode of their Satguru positively ignoring the taunts of opponents. Their target is concentrated towards their own Satguru-Ram rather than any other appurtenance. Never give a lift to your mind. The mind of a person leaves him at such a spot where there is slippage all round and safety becomes a casualty.

If any weapon, any spear can be pierced to the mind that is Ram Naam. Through the goading of that, you can remain safe from the slippage of mind and shall succeed in reaching in your own abode, the dargah of the Master. Nobody likes the arrogant, voluptuous, hot-tempered person in the world. Therefore do not let these ills to enter in your brain. If these things settled within you then your house will be vacated. The master will be far from you even being so near. You will remain empty from the ever showering graces- kindness the ss of that Master. It is extremely important that you may recite the Naam of the Master during these days of dense Kaliyuga so that the accumulated sins of past births may be cut and your soul becomes pure.