Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that there is exception power in the name of God.. You can try reciting these words non stop and see the results. Mothers –sisters may see for themselves by preparing meals while meditating on God’s words. No tension, worry or problem bothers those, who perform regular meditation. His Holiness clarified that since man does not bother for meditation, hence remains sad and miserable. Only the one who is of firm faith and sticks to regular meditation along with social service and is firm upon the commitments; is happy. Fixing time always helps. Like daily routine chores, meditation must be made part of life. Daily recitation of God’s words for half an hour in the morning and evening must be made a routine, under any circumstances. One has nothing to do whether attention is there or not, meditation gets going or not. You have to carry out meditation with mind, determination, devotion, and yearnings. Rest assured; you will surely be rewarded for that. Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that people complain that meditation does not happen continuously or they are not able to concentrate. Then how do you eat so much? Ram Naam has to be recited by the tongue. If not through tongue then recite through thoughts. god's name has to be recited positively and compulsorily. This is Kalyuga, this dense Kalyuga brings one special benefit for all the devotees that the fruits of labour which eluded our ancient Rishis after life long penance; can be gained within a few months by them, now. It is now your choice because you are desirous of gaining bliss and tranquility, clarifies Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji.

BAba Ram Rahim Ji

Baba Ram Rahim suggests that while going on foot somewhere and doing your daily chores, preparing meals etc, try recitation with the end, during this period. It will bring loads of grace for you and your family as well. How easy is it! And still, you don’t try! This is the reason why you are so sad; otherwise, whosoever gets Naam Daan, all his future heinous ‘Karmas’ are cut down. If you want to enjoy a comfortable life in this world then you will have to do meditation positively. Hindu religion says, “God helps those who help themselves.” Work hard, then only the fruits can be expected. If you do social work do it intently. If you do a household job do it sincerely. If you work hard while doing good deeds then God will surely cooperate with you. His Holiness said that God has made days and nights. He has not fixed name of the day. Therefore if you do good deeds then every day is good and if you do bad deeds then every day becomes bad. Working hard is your duty and rewarding the same is the job of Ram Naam.