At a time when Valentine Day is about Platinum Bands and Diamonds, a bond that is timeless.

Valentine rings bells in the minds of youngsters and oldies alike. Valentine’s Day, is the next big event, after New Year. When the New Year, fever subsides, another fever takes a troll all over and this V-day can safely be called that. Well, v-day has been a trump card for companies selling a range of ladies products for a couple of years. These companies know how to target their consumer base, large males, with emotional ads, messages that put them on their knees. I can only see Valentine as an occasion to make more money by most out there. And for all those girls and ladies, you clearly need to come out the pocket and check out the hearts these young souls carry with them and you will realize, they definitely care for you every single day.

And also, what we fail to understand is the value of love, Valentine is all about love. Loving your daughter, your dad, your mom, your grandparents, even human beings around us. Animals, birds, and nature cannot be missed too. It’s all about love, the most magical emotion life has been entrusted with. Yes, we humans have been given the power to express this one and other lives definitely have them but expressing is beyond their capability. So isn’t It duty to celebrate every kind of love that exists around us, rather than just as spouses or life partners.

Well, as much as I have gravitated towards these thoughts, there is a community that celebrates love on valentine day and they call it “True love day”. Where they celebrate true love with Lord, and with every relationship they have in their lives. Love with the lord is the only love that is timeless, beyond boundaries, circumstances, time constraints etc. It is the only form of love, if practices, will take of all other loves and relationships too as per Baba Ram Rahim Ji. They cherish their love for humanity by doing acts of kindness. This is the volunteer brigade of Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Yes, they celebrated promise Day, by promising their Master, to be with them, following their teachings all their life. Twitter trending list, had this rather unusual hashtag, trending, on its face, “MillionsPromiseToServeHumanity”. Similarly, Valentine Day is celebrated reaffirming their love to Lord, the creator of the universe and serving his creations selflessly. And “True Love Day” brings the focus to love, which the world is losing, with so many other things to focus on, love itself is going out of focus.