Why Saints face hardships?
Blessed are the people who have true friends in their life. We can rely upon them and fortune dwells upon those who receive their counseling from time to time. They are not only our best mates but also secure the future of their disciples. Sometimes we hear the advice from many wise people to follow the spiritual or religious leader if you want success in your life. The question arises here, what’s the need of spiritual Master if our friends and relatives are here to help us and a spiritual Master would be one like them in giving advice. But what our minds fail to understand is that a true spiritual Master is the one who can see beyond the realm of this word. He will not leave you until you attain the desired and worthy success.

If religious saints are better than our true friends then why they face hardships themselves, we may wonder too. The aspect has deep significance. They are our lucky charms and help us at each step. Although they know the negativity done by us towards them yet they die for the movement we followed them truly and left our routine lifestyle in following them. It takes a single minute for the motivation and another single minute to follow the motivation. So ultimately the business of only 2 minutes that makes all the differences. Religious leaders feel the presence of Almighty God in all human being and are always eager to do the best for them. They take the charge of transmission in them and take every effort to change them. 

This is the reason spiritual Masters are seen as stuck in trouble or misery. They don’t hesitate to take a load of bad karmas to any extent, whether by taking any disease over themselves, by bearing the heat and snow on their own body or even by taking offenses on themselves, which they never did. But the advocates of Satan, don’t recognize their endeavors and try to give them more and more problems.

Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus, and the10 Sikh Gurus all faced the myriad problems and history is a witness how they were successful in transforming the society. We could see the mixed reactions in those times too. There were many who believed in the deeds of Lord Rama or Lord Krishna even if those felt illogical at that time. That was the steadfast belief that made people understand the hidden agenda of their actions. Lord Krishna went to meet His childhood friend Sudama barefooted. Whoever saw this felt the pain for their Loving Lord but they kept mum and later they understood the attraction of Love for each other. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji also spent 10 years in Babar’s prison to change the society. 10th Guru Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji also dedicated his 4 children for his faith and beliefs.  

If we see the current time we have quite a few God-Men around who celebrate themselves as a part of God’s radiance and claim sacred powers. Now also they have many followers who believe them with firm faith. With the power of meditation and by reciting the true words of God they can see the unseen terms behind the present actions.  

In the case of Baba Ram Rahim, he is popularly known as the true prophet of God and reign over 60 million people across the globe. His followers have many theories and stories of him bringing even the dead alive with their faith. People consider him as God and believe that he can do any miracle. Then what happened to his magic that proved futile in his own which could not save him from 20 years punishment in the rape case and life imprisonment in another murder case. Was he not a true saint? Were his all works just a showcase or illusion? 

Well, these all are endless questions and there is nobody except Baba Ram Rahim who can clarify his image. If we see the condition of his followers, almost 99% are still on his path and not ready to accept the verdict given by the honorable court. This is the power of faith developed by Baba ram Rahim in his followers. This is the live example of a firm believer in this era of vices. Sacred books show great examples to showcase steadfast belief.

प्रार्थना का ताल्लुक किसी धर्म विशेष से नहीं है इन्सान की आत्मा (रूह )
और ईश्वर (GOD) के बीच संवाद को ही प्रार्थना कहतें हैं|
One of the appealing stories of Bhai Manjh, who was the disciple of  5th Guru Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji, he was serving in Guruji’s Ashram with all his strength. One day Guruji asked another disciple about Bhai Manjh and his chores in Ashram. The disciple answered Guruji about the working schedule of Bhai  Manjh and further Guruji asked from where he takes food, he answered that he serves in Ashram and takes food from the Ashram only. Guruji said then he is not serving in the real sense because he is taking the pay of his services in the form of food. Bhai Manjh’s wife listened to this conversation and detailed to Bahi Manjh about the same. Bhai Manjh valued the slayings of his guru and stopped taking food from the Ashram free rather he started doing extra work to earn some money from outside and pay for his food to the Ashram. One day Bhai Manjh was bringing woods from city to Ashram and while coming back he fell in a well. Guruji was sitting in his Ashram and he felt the pain of his true disciple and ran barefooted to save him. As Guru  JI reached near the well he called other disciples to bring rope and bucket to save him.  When all were trying to save him, he was shouting from down to save the woods first, then him, because the furnaces were ready for woods to burn and wood if wet, will not burn and food cannot be made. When he was taken out from the well, Guruji hugged him tightly and blessed him with sacred joy. 

Actions speak louder than words. If you are on the path to true love you need to accept all the sayings of your mentor whether logically correct or incorrect. So all we can say in Baba Ram Rahim’s case, also that his followers are definitely like Bhai Manjh, steadfast on their beliefs only time will tell.....


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