How to Leave the Best Wealth For Your Kids, To Last An Entire Lifetime 

When we think of our kids, we want to give them everything that we have. In fact, more than we have. But are we really working towards their best? Does our generation next, need only money, properties, assets, scientific breakthroughs& technological advancements? In fact, more than these, they would need fresh air, water, Land to grow food and live a healthy life. Is their future safe on this Planet, which is constantly degrading? A Planet which we are looting every moment, with our reckless acts, like excessive production of commodities, to double, triple or even thousand times, more profits. Water is touching the Waterbeds, and some places are already out of this precious resource. Glaciers are giving up on their holds, mountains, coming down.

But, are we really bothered to make sure these are secured for them? Looks like, we aren’t, had this been the case, we would have started our move towards sustainable development, with limited use of resources, in a manner that can stop degeneration. A hale and hearty planet are the best they can get from us. So how do we ensure this, Start with simple yet ineffective methods Plant trees at every opportunity, every day would be best to Minimize water consumption Recycle and reuse as much as possible Switch to organic, homemade stuff Turning vegetarian would be the best gift to the planet Clean your surrounding, water bodies, regularly, just like you cleanse your bodies. Switching to alternative means of energy, Solar or Biogas would be the ideal ones.

It is in fact, our collective duty to restore the planet back to its usual state. Switching to homemade solutions can go a long way too. According to Baba Ram Rahim, Tree Plantation is the single most, the solution to bring back the Planet’s lost glory, and fight climate change. The followers of Baba Ram Rahim, have in fact planted more than 50 million trees, across the globe. And have a couple of Guinness world records too, for highest trees planted on a single day by lacs of volunteers across the Globe. Baba Ram Rahim’s endeavors for the planet, are incredible, he has even conceived the technique of planting trees on bone ashes, after the demise of an individual. These bone ashes which would otherwise add to pollution, when immersed in water bodies, instead, now, help in conserving the environment, by using up the minerals, in them, for better growth of trees. Here’s the complete solution.