Shiva is synonymous to devotion and sacrifice. In the face of war between evil and good, Shiva, is the power that accepted poison as part of Samudra Manthan. When all the Gods (devtas), took “Amrit” and became immortal. It was a battle between Gods(Devtas) and evil (Rakshas) and made sure Rakshas did not get “Amrit” as their immortality could be a threat to the Universe, Lord Shiva was the only one, who could handle the poison that came out as part of “Manthan” and therefore accepted the same. Now we may dismiss the whole episode as fiction, or we could take a valuable lesson from this entire episode and that is the sacrifice. Lord Shiva is all about sacrifice, and we could pay our best tribute and celebrate this festival by imbibing the same spirit within us, Says Baba Ram Rahim Ji. But are we doing so, are we celebrating this festival of Maha Shivratri in this spirit? All we can see is “Bhaang” and intoxicants in the name of this festival.

It’s crazy how we go about just bending everything as per our convenience. Is “Bhaang” the main element here? How come it is relevant is also not clear? Now we may argue that we are just having some fun, or these are not intoxicants per se or some will even contend Lord Shiva himself used to distribute the same, so this a prasad of Lord Shiva. Bhaang in the form of Bhaang is still ok. But intoxicants in the name of Bhaang and calling it a prasad is a mockery of the festival, which is widespread and a common scene everywhere. Baba Ram Rahim Ji has always advocated festivals and occasions to be celebrated as per present times. When everything else is as per time. Those were the days when one used to take a dip in the Ganges and wash their sins. It was a pure era, where intentions mattered and were therefore rewarded. A dip with true intentions with repenting could work.

But an era as intense as today, where there is purity in nothing, even consumables are laced with artificial additives; food is turning into slow poison. In such an era, one cannot expect those rituals to work as they used to back then. Earlier, a “yagna” could purify the environment, because there was no pollution per se as it is today. Mantra Jaap definitely had the power to invite evils or pure spirits. Even today, it can work but again what is missing is the true spirit, faith and most of all intent.

So what used to work those days needs to be revised as per today’s times. And what works today, is simple karmas. Yes, just satisfy the thirst of passersby, provide food to hungry. Make someone happy, pray for the good of all and that’s it, your devotion is accepted above.

God is happy seeing his children happy, in the present age, where the living hell is seen all over. And above all, meditation for the good of entire humanity, for purifying your works as “sanjivani”, says rev. Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Meditation is the single most cure for all tensions, worries and even critical illnesses. So if we realize, the present age has made everything simple for all, to be worthy of God and attain the state of a Yogi.

One can visualize God, with simple pursuits as these. There is no need for any such prayer, which is only from outside, as just showing off to your near and dear ones or friends. They may be impressed for sure, but who is not impressed is Almighty as he knows, your inner front, more than you do. He definitely knows you are putting up an impressive front, with no corner inside you, affected by the exterior. On the inside, you are still worried about your next promotion or next assignment. What help will this kind of devotion, if you are not even able to spare a thought for Lord? So get into the practice of seeing God everywhere and most importantly within you and since he knows you in and out, you can’t fool him in the name of festive clothes, Prasad, puja etc. If the same is replaced with real devotion, the real feeling of longing for Lord, then that is thousand times more useful says the Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan.