The Company that you keep, Leaves a Lasting Impression on You

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that those who listen to Sat sang are very lucky, and those who act upon the sermons can change their luck. This is the difference between listening and doing practically. Those who do practice get the happiness of both the worlds positively. Respected Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that the effect of company sticks positively. The type of company of certain people have, has an impact on their minds. For example, there is a bud, very pretty one which when blossoms becomes prettier. When it gets an environment of water, air and soft shun shine it goes on gaining more and more beauty. But if it has to face a blow of fast wind, sharp sunshine then it starts withering. Similarly, people also are changed by the company they move in or the environment they get to live in. The company of a drug addict makes the person addicted and the company of a gambler makes you a gambler as well.

Some persons never succeed in any field, because of misgivings whether to do this or not to do this. They consult somebody and become unsuccessful by the misguidance of them. Those persons who can not take up their own decisions are generally a failure in every field. The reason behind this is because of their weak moral strength and self-confidence. They are easily betrayed by anyone and end in failure. Therefore One should not be misled by anyone.

Continuing further respected Guru Ji says that nobody can judge the quantum of selfless services rendered by the devotees in these days of dense Kalyuga. Some of them are ready to donate his kidney during his lifetime while another one is offering his eye. Devotees offer their eyes as donation after death and blood presently. These Sevadars are such living factories which are unmatched throughout the world. They donate such items which are available nowhere in the world. They are helping poor and hapless persons by carrying them to hospitals and get them treated. Had these noble acts been done in some other period then accolades, praises, medals would have been given to them, but this age being Kalyuga, noble deeds are not appreciated here. Many such persons will do such jobs in lieu of money, but not free. They rather pull the legs of Sevadars against it. But those who have faith upon their Satguru, and possess high moral strength cannot be betrayed even an inch in the face of mountainous opposition. During this Kalyuga you can make anyone say anything under the lure of money. You commit some mistakes and take the support of others to cover them. Those who listen to the sermons of Sat sang and act will never lose their confidence. While others who listen and forget to act can lose their self-confidence and start faltering. Hence obeying the sermons of saints-mendicants can grant lasting peace and the soul can unite with the Supreme Soul. There must not be any hitch, hesitation or criticism.

Gurmeet Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that though bad thoughts go on circulating in one’s mind non stop. It is nothing unusual but man must never ever put them in practice. The effect of that evil thought nullifies with the sumrin for 5-10 minutes. But still, the lovers of God must be pure like a faithful wife. Those who seem to be devotees of high caliber to you must also not be trusted blindly. None knows when they may come in the grip of their minds and knock down. If you have to trust then trust your Murshid, Allah, Peer-Faqeer, Waheguru, and Ram who is your friend/helper of both the worlds. Never concentrate your mind over matters of money, which is liable to leave you in cold. But concentrate upon that one who is the giver, because if one coin is found to be base then he will grant another. He can get work done even from a straw. Therefore it is always better to act upon the advice of saints. Hence go on moving on the path of love of the Master. Go on reciting Gurumantra/Ram Naam ceaselessly. You will become worthy of gaining the charms of both the worlds.