Give the Gift That Will Pay You Back Right Away- Shubh-Kaamna

You have probably noticed people greeting each other on their special occasions. This is an indispensable part of our rich Indian culture. People usually meet, exchange gifts and congratulate their fellow-beings and relatives and build up their bond stronger with them.  
Gift giving is an old tradition, not just in India, but in western countries too. It’s an inseparable part of human behavior that defines relationships as well as strengthens the bond of love. It’s a kind of stress reliever too. 

Usually, giving gifts or money (known as Shagun in Indian terms) is done on happy occasions like on marriages, meeting a newborn in the family, a new bride, groom etc. But what if, the same ritual is adopted in the tough times of people? Seeming awkward? Well, it’s not awkward at all, in fact, it would strengthen your relationship even manifold and raise the respect in the heart of people for you. How? Lay your attention down:

Baba Ram Rahim

You have heard the name, Baba Ram Rahim apparently and know quite well, how he has put taken spirituality and humanitarian welfare to the peak. His knack in thinking for the betterment of the people at large is unsurpassed and above all, I can say. This concept of giving gifts and Shaguns to needy people has been preached by him to his followers. Let’s know, what does it actually mean?

It’s often the case that people meet with an accident or any mis-happening or tragedies hit them badly, which makes them weak not just physically, but mentally and economically too. The situation is worst in case of poor people who can’t afford the heavy hospital bills. Even after trying so hard, they can’t manage to collect enough money for the treatment. Then how could they come out of this miserable situation? As it’s a worldly fact that in happiness people will come closer to you even if you don’t know them personally and in case of need, even own relatives keep themselves at bay and don’t come forward to help. And, for people with a shortage of or no funds at all, not a single person comes forward and lends a hand in helping them out. 

So, for those needy and poor people, Baba Ram Rahim has started this initiative- ‘Shubh-Kaamna’. Under this, if an accident occurs with poor people, then people going to meet them in hospitals should offer shagun or simple terms their good wishes and prayers along with some token in the form to money that can be used for their treatment and medication. 

Now say, is it awkward? No right? Really, the cognitive skills of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh are amazingly distinctive. You say, have you ever thought like this? Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I can assuredly say, I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT THIS WAY OF HELPING PEOPLE..!

So far, you possibly have given a lot of gifts to people around the world, but this way of gifting or more precisely, ‘helping’, will surely pay you back one day in one way or another. So, when are you starting this initiative? 

Don’t ever step back in helping the needy. Believe me, it’s a great way to attain eternity and boundless pleasure.