Intoxicants- Alcohol, drugs and various other forms in which a person loses his conscious state is detrimental not just to the person and his family but the society as a whole. How does it affect society you may argue? It has been observed that 90% of crimes are committed under the influence of intoxicants. Almost 95% of Rapes are conducted under the influence of these. They are rightfully called the grandmother of all evils.

Let’s see how, once a person starts consuming alcohol, he loses his own sense. Slowly his mind starts to blur out. Alcohol even affects movement and memory functioning. So, in essence, a person will start losing to know the difference between rights from wrong. And based on his senses, any tendency can be triggered in such an individual. As per the links here, violent crimes are related to alcohol influence, like robbery, rapes, murders, homicide, domestic violence etc. Here as per the study, inmates were given alcohol, so in a controlled environment, 40% of the inmates resorted to more of such activities. But in Society when people are free to act as per their senses, these would really be huge in impact.

In fact, one person who identified this basic problem of the society worked extensively on eradication of this social evil. That is none other than Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Yes, he identified, alcohol inducing a whole vicious circle of violence, rape, murders in the society. So he intensified the drives to eradicate this door house to hell. How exactly? Through Satsangs, He made people aware of the circle they were creating for themselves and their loved ones and asked them to pledge to quit the same from today. And through meditation on God’s words, these people got enough will power to quit this deadly vice, successfully. For ones, on a higher intake of these intoxicants, Baba Ram Rahim Ji advocates a free 7-day drug-rehab camp in Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa, where one of the family members stays with them. They are made to meditate, pranayama, provided satvik food and accommodation all free of cost. In 7 days, they are back to their regular stuff contributing to the welfare of the society.

So, in essence, we need to understand the root cause of society getting into a more crime centered mode. This is only possible if our Govt. vow to ban these hells from every possible corner. Only the will to give up on lucrative taxes can successfully get us into the Intoxicant free, and peaceful society. Unless that happens society continues to suffer at the hands of these self-induced hells.