The benevolence of Saints  are boundary-less and without assertion

Whosoever drinks the drink of Ram Naam gets a wave of frolicsomeness overpowering him and he becomes unconcerned with the world. The word unconcerned is small and crazy also contains a few words but conceal mystery in them. It is easy to announce that I have become unconcerned or unattached with the world but it is something else to be so. These are the words of respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan.  Revered Guru Ji says that being so deeply intoxicated in the will of the Master as ‘Toon jane tera kaam jane.’ Remaining drowned in his blissful memory so much so that the frolicsomeness, supreme bliss may be overlapping one in each and every moment, every where and in each and every grain and speck throughout the universe. It is possible. Had it never existed then saints, Peer-faquirs would have never referred to it.

Baba Ram Rahim

Being mad in divine love is possible. But first one has to become mad in divine love and then unattached. Both are supplementary to each other. One can not become unattached without becoming mad and one can not become mad without being unattached. Because when one gets the taste of meditation-worship of Allah, Waheguru or Ram then consider that the first step towards the path of madness has begun. Then one forgoes the hitch of public shame. He clinches the core issue. Citing the example of flame and moth, respected Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that once a locust proposed the moth for beginning friendship among them. Moth said that, “My friendship is confirmed with someone else, please do not interfere.” She insisted, “No, I want to be your best friend.” Moth said, ”We will see later on, let the flame burn first” When the flame began to burn the moth told the locust,” Flame has burnt” The locust asked, ”What then? ”Moth said, “Since you are my friend, now let us jump in it” Locust objected,”We will burn” Moth said,” If you want to win my friendship then accompany me” Locust replied,”No, no friendship.”     

His Holiness says that whosoever drinks the Jaam of Ram Naam gets a current of intoxication and he becomes unconcerned with the world. It is not an easy job to become frolicsome in the love of the Master. Public shame, friendship- intimacy has to be sacrificed to gain it. When human being becomes lost in the divine love of his Sat guru and shuns his attraction towards the appurtenance of the world, then he really becomes lover, and loots the treasuries of the graces and kindness of the Master.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim

Revered Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that there is difference between flame and flame. One is worldly flame which burns down if any lover jumps in it. But the spiritual flame i.e. Guru, Satguru, and Peer-Faquir burns down all the sins-crimes of that lover who is ready to sacrifice his life upon it, and becomes more glorified.  The sacrificing divine lover does realize about the gravity if his sin. This is known only to Allah, Waheguru or Ram that how serious his deed was.

Quoting an example narrated by a sister in Ruhaani Majlis under Ru-b-ru programme His Holiness told that her son was born blind, deaf and dumb. When she took up sumrin of Naam seriously and sincerely, it resulted in full recovery of her son. Now he speaks, hears and talks as well, while such children remain incurable permanently. Nothing is impossible for the divine lovers. But first one has to become divine lover and get his hem freed from others. Let the human being belong to Satguru truly and completely a while, let him be his divine lover a while. Those who become lovers during this Kaliyuga gain endless happiness of both the worlds. They are drenched with both internal and external bliss. If you want to pay back the graces of the Master then act upon the sermons of saints. You will enjoy such blissful views which you might have never imagined even.

Cautioning the Devotees not to accept anything from anyone as a parshad, respected Guru Ji says that Allah, Waheguru grants benevolence in the shape of Sat guru. Hence beware of those hypocrites, fraudulent persons who claim to be Guru. God is within all of us, hence understand him. Only true Peer-Faquir can remove the grievances of others. Man must have solid faith upon one, because Lord is one and then his representative is also one only.

Respected Baba Ram Rahim Singh Ji says that in worldly terms a woman is fallen from the esteemed pedestal of womanhood because she mistook another man as her husband. Spiritualism is more stringent even than this. If you distracted your faith, belief and trust for somebody else then you will fall down from the pedestal of first degree and will not be able to rise in spiritualism. Beware from such hypocrites, because the company of such persons destroys the wealth of meditation. Param Pita Ji used to say that even the shadow of such hypocrites, fraudulent and condemned persons is detestable If one is forced to hear condemnation for a while under duress then undertake sumrin for 5 minutes and pray to the Master. The consequence of condemnation will be debited to the subject.

Describing Saints, Peer-Faquirs as God gifted His Holiness revealed that saints, mendicants-recluses are not self –made. Allah, Waheguru or Ram sends them down duly made. They have to be demonstrated to the world, so only a Guru can do so. Only he can guide others who himself sees the route. Cautioning the sadh sangat once again His Worthiness said that if some one gives parshad to anyone; tell it to sadh sangat. If you keep mum and he consumes it up; then other than he, you are also bound with him in sharing the load of his deed. Hence sadh sangat must beware of such parshad distributor.

Clarifying the meaning of parshad respected Guru Ji says that Allah, Waheguru or Ram or some perfect saint of the Lord puts his divine glance upon it or touches with his holy hands or gives Ashirwad then only the item to be distributed is called parshad. This parshad is panacea to all ailments to the devotees. Therefore do not accept parshad given by others.Saiints, Peer-Faquirs do infinite benevolences upon people but they never advertise the same.