Wars are never acceptable. People world over will hate it. Even the ones whose job is to fight in fact, they would hate it the most. So why do wars take place? we would ask, who the hell is asking for them? Well, definitely not common men and women, but yes those in power, those with big egos, those wanting to etch out their name, earn in the form of momentary fame, may be the ones who would want wars. Hitler, it is said was a good orator and to satisfy his ego, get his way out, and when he saw losing out with his people, to rule their hearts, he put the entire nation towards war.

And there are many such hitters in every era. Who differentiate between their blood and the blood of those that is shed on the borders even though it brings equivalent amount of pain. Sometimes, some noble souls experience more pain, when they see bloodshed and they would actually feel so bad and guilty about themselves and their families being safe and sound. So as we can see such hitters are far less than those who want peace, who want to stay in harmony. then how come these hitters succeed, and the others cannot evict war. It is simple such Hitlers are playing dirty games, they would show, wars as in National interest, as a mark of saving respect, we need to be very careful of such Hitlers around us. 

At a time, when our soldiers are dying in the name of terrorism, and Nation. Need of the hour, is for us to realist, the dwindling situation and try and make each one of us, pledge to never give in tot he call of war, come what may. In the current situation between India and Pakistan, we need to try our best to find out solutions which put both the nations on a win win situation. All said and done, nothing is too difficult to achieve if all of us want to really achieve it. And ours is a land of Saints. We have always found peaceful solutions. Yes we had Mahabharata but again that was the last resort, when every solution was tried. 

In fact Saints too agree on this. Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji for instance, have always asked people to follow the path of humanity at the same time, be watchful around you. Every situation may be politicized to give a different face to it. He has gone to the extent of warning his followers to even believe people in the name of religion, God etc. which is a common game played by politicians. He has called War as the most difficult situation and if we enter into the same, it might be the most terrible war of all times. 

He had even suggested during Uri surgical strike, when war was again in the talks as suggested solution, that Pakistan be declared terrorist Nation. And all his economic ties be cut down, to make him come over kneels. But apparently we did not identify how grave the situation is. Terrorism has to be dealt with strictly. With #DeclarePakTerroristState trending today, we can understand how such solutions can be really the key to this problem. We need to once and for all, resolve the Kashmir issue, and give peace a chance. Again, this has been suggested by Rev. Baba Ram Rahim Ji, time and again, to finish terrorism and terrorist once and for all. That will be the real win for India, although it is good to face terrorists with confidence and show them what we are capable of, through airstrike. And our heroes deserve a salute for their exemplary courage. But the Governments seriousness can only bring the monster that is war to a full stop, and peace as a final outcome will really be cherished by all.