The US has seen a 70% rise in alcohol consumption, in the last 15 years. Alcohol consumption is up, in youngsters, like never before, the most vulnerable age group, which is adopting this habit, is reducing, every year, and it has dropped, to an alarming age. Apparently, even 13-year-olds, are picking up this deadly habit. What is alarming, about this fact, is that youngsters, not knowing when to stop, even under peer pressure, are overdoing, and resulting in catastrophic results.

The fact, that even women are adopting this hazardous lifestyle, at a very rapid rate is equally alarming.  Alcohol consumption is fast becoming cool and adding to the popularity quotient, making it trendy and all the fascinating for more people to adopt. 65% men above the age group, of 25 are into this habit. Women are not far behind, and in fact, the rise in women drinkers have been a whopping 83%, in the last 15 years. And the effects of drinking are far worse in women than men. It often affects the entire family, children etc.

Why is this habit picking on?

The answer lies in the social fabric, which is fast changing. Our forms of entertainment, are changing and we are forever looking to look cool and acceptable in society. Our popular mediums cinema and the likes are portraying drinking as a cool trait, since decades. Even though earlier, Value-based systems, used to demarcate things are the god or bad, for their impact on health. But these value-based systems are put to test these days, every good advice, is disregarded as being preachy, which is kind of uncool for society. And the Films are overdoing on the fun quotient, and every fun activity involves drinking, by their standards, as portrayed. Even, songs embark on drinking even in their lyrics. This link here clears the air.

It is high time, we wake up to the system, and we are creating for our coming generations. The day is not far when we will inherit only diseases and a system of hell to our loved ones. Let us stop this madness in the name of fun, and ask for healthy entertainment, that inspires, motivates our youngsters towards good. I remember a song here, from a film, made by Baba Ram Rahim and the lyrics too precisely, “Daru ko goli maro”, I was instantly in love with this song.

Now, this is how entertaining music should be in my view. Why not use music, to transform rather than, destroy younger, vulnerable minds. Baba Ram Rahim has, in fact, been organizing de-addiction drives, every month in his Ashram, where lakhs have given up this habit. Apart from this, as part of the 2nd pledge, made by followers, when they partake “Naam Shabd” is giving up alcoholism. So pretty much, millions of these followers of Baba Ram Rahim, stay away from intoxicants in any form. And even our sacred texts, have called alcohol as, “Grandmother of all vices”. More than anything, the current generation regards, everything relating, to virtues, as uncool, which needs to be reversed at the earliest.