On the occasion of the anniversary of Parliament attack, in 2001, let’s pay homage to our heroes, who foiled the attempt, saving our temple of democracy. Our soldiers are truly heroes, who are renowned world over, for their combats, courage, and determination. Even our enemies, during World War II, have lauded our soldiers for their unprecedented skills. Our army is definitely the best in the whole wide world. But, are we really giving them, what they deserve.

We are talking about facilities, respect and also, respectful treatment to their families if they give up their lives for our sake? Turns out, not really. Not even a fraction of what we are supposed to. Even if we forego on the part of the facilities and gears they are supposed to get, ideally, we shouldn’t. But if we let go of this aspect, still we don’t score great, even on other aspects.  Respect to these soldiers, given by us, is definitely, temporary, once, they are out of duties, and they are mostly in dire states. Worst is the condition of their families, who, have to live without their loved ones, who incidentally lost their lives for us. These families are left, to fend on their own, after offering them some compensation.

In some cases, we have ever seen, the families of war heroes, fighting to get their share of compensation also. On quite a few occasions, widows of war-Heroes, are seen doing odd jobs, to look out for the families. Shouldn’t we be making sure, that their generations are well taken of, forget just their children? Can’t we, as a nation, of such phenomenal population, even manage this much? This may not be the case always, but most occasions, these soldiers are met with apathy, once they don civilian avatars.

Again, there are organizations, which pitch in, for these heroes. Providing education, jobs, and other opportunities, to the families or to retired officers. Petty pension amounts, and living with injuries, makes it a daunting task and these organizations try to make things work for these soldiers and their families.

One organization doing heaps, of work, for these souls, is Dera Sacha Sauda, where millions of these followers, treat the families of bereaved soldiers, as their own families, providing regular items of need, with love and due respect. Baba Ram Rahim has even awarded these brave soldiers with Gold and silver medals for their, sacrifices for the Nation, and instituted various initiatives to make sure, these are well cared for.

In fact, Baba Ram Rahim used to organize a Blood donation camp, every month exclusively, for the Army, just to make sure their blood requirements doesn’t fall short. And thousands of units of blood used to be given to the army, each month. Therefore, Soldiers of the nation, hold a very special place in the hearts of Baba Ram Rahim’s followers. The families of Army personnel are even provided free houses, medical care & the likes. Knowing his initiatives, we really need more such “Ram Rahims” to stand up for our heroes. No effort, from our side, can match, the sacrifice that these warriors do for our sake. As Baba Ram Rahim motivates his followers with the saying, “we are sleeping, because they are awake for us”.