Cleanliness Campaigns when talked about, brings forth the image of one organization whose volunteers’ cleanliness is a model for all. Yes, Dera Sacha Sauda, a sea of volunteers used to take over the entire city and left behind a spotlessly clean brand new city. Such was the speed of these warriors of Baba Ram Rahim Ji, that municipal corporations took days sometimes even weeks, after wards to clear the debris of garbage left behind by them.

Those drives, which are more than 2 dozen in more than 32 cities, since 2011, are missed badly by the people. As cleanliness workers are hardly doing anything in the name of cleanliness. In Tarawadi (Haryana), there is garbage even places where Prime Minister Narendra Modi's cleanliness campaign is about to open. Such is the state of the city, that there are the mess and foul smell all over. The situation is that wherever you go, you will have to face the stench of dirt. It is not that cleaning workers do not clean, they clean, but for namesake. After cleaning, the garbage dumps leave along the roads, after which the animals hit the dirt of the dirt and the dirt spread on the roads, which makes trouble for the people.

After cleansing, piles of garbage, lying everywhere on roads

Gurdwara Road of Tarawadi, Pahalwan Colony, Dodwa Basti, Fatti Tarawadi, Maan Bazar and Karnali Gate are taking pains in the head of the pile of dirty people at other places. Others, including Ravi, Mohit, Pankaj, Yashu, Mohit Bhardwaj, Vishal, and Kamal, said that they have to face stink while traveling around the place of worship. There is a fear of the spread of dirt and disease. They have demanded to raise dirt rocks from the place of worship. Cleaning staffs are cleaning daily. Whenever there is a complaint of grunting, then the cleaning of the mess is sent immediately to the cleaning workers.

The condition of roads drains, and toilets are also unbearable

Laborers, Farmers who are selling grains in the market in Baradi, are forced to fight with bad odor and visceral scenes due to vagaries, blocked drains, broken roads, and contaminated toilets. Farmers Mangat Ram, Ronchi Ram, Ram Singh, Gurnam and Dilip Singh said that we can not go to eat food for a while in the mandi and go to eat too. Because the swarming swarm of cattle starts eating the crop. On behalf of the Mandi administration, these animals and any other type of damage data is not available

Apart from this, the grass in the drains is blocked due to the growth of the seedlings. Due to which even dirty water is generated in light rain. There is a problem of contamination and bad odor due to the lack of appointment of a clean worker. Because of which people are forced to go for open defecation, challenging the campaign of PM Narendra Modi. cleanliness has become a monstrous problem. In fact, this was the main reason, Baba Ram Rahim Ji initiated cleanliness campaigns at mega levels, giving the slogan HO PRITHVI SAAF MITE ROG ABHISHAAP But with no cleanliness campaigns in the absence of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji, since last 19 months, is causing a lot of damage to the Nation.