The racial attacks in two New Zealand mosques, some days back are a cause of concern for non-Christians in Europe and America. The way the attacker posted his agenda on Facebook, it is clear that this attack was not an instant reaction, or anger to any event, but it is the result of hatred which has been fuelledsince last several years.National leaders have used toxic speeches full of hatred against particular minority communities. Attacks on Sikhs, south Indians, Asians have been quite common. In fact not just New Zealand, this has been a common phenomenon world over. India, too has been witnessing similar events on a daily basis. Where a minority youth becomes target for no reason. Baba Ram Rahim Ji has been warning us to stop fueling racism, to  our own personal good. Politicization of issues, or even raising issues related to caste has been a sword which has always used for their own benefit by the leaders.

Baba Ram Rahim Singh

New Zealand's incident is big enough to shake  the whole world, and it is foolish to wait for any other lesson. In the US too, there has been an increase in the number of racial attacks since 2000. These incidents prompted the then President Barack Obama.US officials went to the extent of harassing Indian leaders at airports in the name of security. Donald Trump had created this atmosphere before winning the presidential election that people of Native American began to consider migrants as a threat to their employment. Trump has repeatedly made statements to persuade US citizens to save jobs and strictly enforce the visa conditions. Regardless of such rhetoric, Trump's popularity definitely took a jump, in local Americans, but this tendency has  seen a sharp increase in racial hatred.

This racial hatred has crossed the border and took the form of massacre in New Zealand. Surely the attackers will be caught and punished, but the problem is not resolved till the leaders sitting in government and political positions do not care about spreading hatred for their selfish interests. Today the world is shrinking. In most countries, without the migrants, the economic structure of that country can be tangled. Migrants need to eliminate the feeling of fear. Along with security, emphasis should be on harmony. We really need to foster an environment of trust and harmony for the betterment of all. 

Today we all are so connected to each other, that a single ripple in one link, shakes the entire world. As Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji, says hatred will fuel hatred. Let’s spread love and peace in the world. In fact, his followers are live examples of his Sermons. These same Dera followers who are considered Anti-sikh, or having issues with Sikh community, are seen cleaning Gurudwaras, helping in the maintenance of temples, mosques, and looking after the education of their children. Caste is never considered a hindrance in helping needy souls. All they want is love, humanity flourishes and respect one another, as they would want for themselves. The world needs more love than anything today, and we all are blessed with that in abundance, lets start distributing says the Reverend Master.