God exists in everyone, fighting with one another is like fighting with the Master

Respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that what has been written in our holy scriptures thousands of years before are being repeated by the science of today. For example when viruses, bacteria, have been found out by science some years back, whereas their mention is found in vedascenturies before hand. Science has not succeeded in finding so far whether he appeared first or the egg. As per the record of all religions, the body appears first of all. The human body is constituted with five elements like Air, Water, Sky, Earth, and Fire. It means that first of all body was created, and then the Master bestowed life in that. Modern science has not been able to discover yet whether there is life at any other place. But religions profess that there are lives at thousands of places. Describing the meanings of Triloki His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that only one body is visible in Triloki which is called a solid body. That which is not visible is called a miniscule body. The bodies of god and goddesses are called ‘Kaaran’ body. Hence there are three ‘lokas’ and are called Triloki.   

His Holiness preaches that such ailments which are incurable in medical science are being cured spiritually. The panacea of all ills is the Naam of the Master provided man recites it truly without from heart. During these days of Kalyuga treachery-cheating are more prominent. If a man wants to take some job from the Master then he lures him. He promises to serve him with ladoos- pedas. But if there is no such need then he does not bother for him.

Respected Guru Ji says that man offers the sacrifice of animals to impress God, Master, and fills his own belly under this pretext. All our deities, Gods protect and help the poor and deprived ones and stand by those who are innocent. But men of today cut those innocent creatures and serve to deities to please them. People go to some religious place after taking a bath and make themselves fresh by wearing fine dress and bows/prays in front of the deity. It is something good also But after coming back he continues the same practice of bad deeds. Although all religions tell that God is omnipresent in each and every grain of this universe.   

Revered Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that God is one  Just as the name of water if changed to Aab, neer, Jal etc does not change its qualities similarly the names of the Master though being numerous do not amount to changing his supreme personality. He is one and never alters. This is the only thing that man does not understand. Citing a couplet about what the Master will be thinking about man, His Holiness says; ‘Meri asnh ke naam par mashhoor bande,

Tujhe kaya banaya tha ,tu kaya ban gaya hai |.
Tu jhhagde karwata hai mera naam le ke | 
Aur khoon bahata hai mera naam leke.|
Tu sochta hai ki teri talwar ke niche kisi gair ka sir hai,
Darasal who mera khud ka sir hota hai |

Clarifying the above words, His Highness says that God exists within everyone. When one is wielding sword upon others then, in fact, he is doing so upon the Master himself.