How to empower today’s Woman? Know it from Baba Ram Rahim

Women empowerment is the term every magazine, article, the blog has been talking about since a decade, so much so that it is just a marketing gimmick today. It is used to drive sales, get leads, for various products used by women or girls of all ages. And if we assess the impact of this term on the Society, we will realize we have not really changed too much with this term per se. All we are doing with our liberal mindset is putting our daughters on the edge. And with increasing liberalization, a crime against women, don’t seem to stop. On the other hand, they are constantly on the rise.

Women who have it all, or rather flaunt it all, power, positivity, their humane side become the ideals of the Society, which is no doubt good. But it is also, harming the Society with unrealistic ideal, we set for women, just because a couple of women or even a single woman is doing it.

Why do we expect them to walk on the tightrope of balance? Let every woman decide for herself, everything that she needs. A man does it for himself and he is just accepted, not too much recognition, not too much attention and similarly not pulling down also. Women, on the other hand, become or get treated like a goddess overnight if she achieves something and also buried in earth if the opposite happens. Guys, women are just humans like men. Just stop taking them as women, rather just another human, is what would be just okay for her. That is how you would want your daughter to be treated I guess. No comparisons, with fellow women, men, or any angel or deity, for God’s sake, she is as unique as a man. Keep your yardsticks to yourselves.

When I see followers of Baba Ram Rahim Guru, I’m touched to the core. They will respect every woman, as their own sister, daughter or mother, as per their age. And you will see them, supporting every woman as they would for their family member. There is the strict demarcation of women’s area and men’s area in Dera Sacha Sauda. This might not ire the liberals. And if I tell you, that women, here in Dera, perform every activity, there is a team of women electricians, who cater to electricity needs on women side. There is a team of network engineers, women again for women side of Dera. Similarly, there is a team of Teachers, professors, Doctors, Administrators, all women, to take care of the needs of women Devotees, or women volunteers etc. Now is this backward thinking?

The liberals would say yes, both women and men are equal, so why have 2 sides. So they can focus on work, and on their spiritual development. Again they work in separate domains, so no comparisons too. This is true empowerment, the woman is given training and expected to work like men, in their domain and it is true for men. Isn’t this ideal scenario? Nobody is comparing or pulling another person down, instead of helping each other.

Baba Ram Rahim has done loads for countless women out there. He has literally saved hundreds of girls, from trash and given them a respectable life, through Shahi Ashram basera. In fact, many of these women, are even representing India, in international Games, and tournaments. He has set up world level educational institutions for the girls in Sirsa and in neighbouring cities and villages. World class stadiums, swimming pools, roller skating hockey rink, basketball, throw ball, badminton, and many many more. Thousands of girls are taking up sports, thanks to his wonderful initiatives and exceptional infrastructure. More than anything, Baba Ram Rahim has changed the mindset, in rural, cities and metros alike, by making them understand how girls should be treated with love and respect.

What’s more, thousands of youngsters have filled forms against eve teasing. Men, who will understand how grave eve-teasing is for the spirit of women, will definitely know what respect means to them and will never try to harm them.

He has even come up with unique initiatives to change mindsets. On suggestions from his many daughters, he has started an initiative, where girls can give fire, to their loved ones after death. A tradition that was only open to boys till some time back.

Even an initiative Kul ka crown, “ crown of lineage” has been initiated, where, girls’ lineage will follow after marriage, and not only this, the boy comes to girl’s house after marriage, with consent from both sides. A beautiful initiative to make sure girls’ parents are well looked after if they have a single child as a girl. This is also directly related to one another initiative, where to control population, he had initiated, “Hum ek hamara ek”, to motivate people for a single child and also tackles the issue of female feticide

Shubh Devi – The very astonishing initiative where eligible followers of Dera Sacha Sauda, marry, prostitutes, who are rescued from brothels, and their lives are transformed with hundreds of families willing to adopt them. These shubh devis are provided everything from treatment to care, and even an eligible educated and talented husband. True transformation of these children of lesser God!

I would really like to see, our Nation, taking up these super initiatives, of Baba Ram Rahim Ji, for the restoration of right values and respect of women in the Society.