Here’s how your skin can heal the World, along with your Organs, with next level Organ Donation.

The donation is a common word, we hear it in day-to-day life and see hoardings, get donation box at shops, newspapers full of advertising for donation.

I believe donation is something, which gives you Feel Good Factor when you take part in a noble deed.

Every day we come across thousands of articles saying
Donate money to save the girl child
Donate money to educate the girl child
Donate money to help underprivileged
Donate money to save animals.

This and that, occasionally I do participate in this kind of donations n feel that I am doing a great contribution to society.

One day I was reading something on social media and a line

" jite jee gurda daan

Marnoprant aankeien daan"

Just made me realized "Am I really doing something for the society" or there is something more than the money we can give to society.

After that day I started to search for ways to add more value to my donations. Sharing a couple of Donations, that make the sense of true Donation, what we are capable of, and which just needs good intentions. Your bank balance will not be needed for earning these good karmas. And as the year, draws to an end, while you welcome the New Year, why not accumulate some of this, in your permanent bank balance, that you can use in both the Worlds. What is the best part, I like about these donations, is by doing nothing, you will be able to earn good karmas, in the form of blessings by the soul, whose life got transformed, because of you.

These initiatives were initiated by a single person i.e. Baba Ram Rahim Guru, and now millions are following.

1. Blood donation it's quite common and most of the people do it occasionally, however, there is a part of the society who donates blood on every occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, even death anniversaries and deaths in the families, too. Apart from these, Baba Ram Rahim’s brigade does blood donation, religiously, every 3 months. Yeah, that is true, and in some occasions, they have to pitch in earlier than that, if life needs it.

2. Eye donation - most of the time we see the people around us who are not able to see because of any disease, or by birth, however, they can be cured with proper treatment and with a pair of eyes. This same brigade of Baba Ram Rahim donates eyes after death. Now you will have a question what is new in it? So the new thing is that they all pledge it, before death & again every occasion be it a birthday, marriage, anniversary, etc., is marked by filling these pledge forms of donation. And more and more people join the initiative by filling pledge forms as part of the celebration. So if a party, is going on with 200 guests, you get 50-70 people ending up pledging for the same.

3. Kidney donation its the donation which only a brave person can dare to think about it. Still, there are thousands of people who are ready to donate their kidneys, in their lifetime and they don't take any money, or any favor, in return of this, as they want to serve the society in a best possible way. Pledges are filled for these too, in Dera Sacha Sauda.

4. Body donation - again It's not an easy task for everyone to take the pledge in their life to donate their body after death. You need to be passionate enough to think, ahead.  These bodies can be useful for medical research for breakthroughs in advanced medical treatments. Lakhs have pledged their bodies by filling pledge forms in Dera Sacha Sauda.

5.  Skin Donation: Human skin is extremely useful in curing Acid Attack and Burns patients, as it can cure skin, rapidly, as compared to bandages. Skin is donated by people, on similar lines to the body, and stored in skin bank. Baba Ram Rahim Ji has created a world-class, skin bank, in Sirsa, which is used to store skin donated by spirited followers.

Proposed bone Donation: Bone donation will also be initiated as the next step, which will help in patients needing bone surgeries of hit, knees etc. A bone bank is proposed by Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji & will soon be constructed, to make things easier for such patients.

If we all take the pledge to participate in the donation, like these, Earth will be heaven, with no one diseased, or disabled.