This is a common perception among people that what they wear have bearing on their spiritual life as well. For this, often saffron or white color is considered as the colors enriched of religious importance. Some scientific elements are also co-related to this fact by citing examples of the sun and fire being the most powerful elements of the universe, so the saints wear it, as they have a direct connection with the supreme power, God.

But the question here is, does dress code or a particular color really leave an impact on connections with God? Should the saints or common people wear these colored cloths only and those who wore it are only credible personalities and not others? Is there any logic behind it?

Baba Ram Rahim Singh

I was going through this dilemma in the past few days and these questions conjured me to the core. Like most of you, my criteria to find a saint was, the one who wears saffron and adopt all the conventional ways to attract maximum public and assure them to get salvation, is a saint. But is there any reasoning behind a saints’ clothes or having attire of only saffrons? I asked this question to a number of spiritual masters, but their replies didn’t satiate my yearnings to know about it.

Recently, I got an interview with Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, and his answers were quite different and you will be quite wondered after knowing the exact methodology, I can say. Here’s what he said to his viewers on the question of the interviewer that, ‘Why don’t you wear saffron and have the similar getup like all other saints?’

Baba Ram Rahim replied, ‘There’s nowhere written in the holy books to wear saffron or white only and the one wearing it can only meet God. NOWHERE! He said our Holy Books are our guide, either it’s Bhagwat Geeta, Quran, Bible, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and all other spiritual books, and he has done a thorough research on all these Vedas and Holy Books and found nowhere that a saint should wear this particular color only and none else. There’s no dress code for saints. There’s just written that the one whose thoughts are clear and pious and have the willingness or urges to meet God, can surely meet Him. God just wants your thoughts to be pure without any remnants of negativity and unfair beliefs. So, if you have worn coat-pants and your thoughts are purified, then you can meet Him and if your thoughts are not purified, then no matter what colored or what clothes you are wearing, you can’t ever meet God.’

Interesting, isn’t it? Baba Ram Rahim’s image was always colorful in my mind, but after hearing these words, I was surprised and felt satisfied with his answers. I am attaching here the link of that interview too; you can listen to it from 3:00 minutes to 3:40 minutes. Just click on this link.

So, as of now, it’s literally clear that there’s no dress code for any saint. One with pious thoughts can easily meet Him and not by wearing a particular colored and styled attires. I hope you like reading this stuff. Stay tuned for more interesting updates.