Let’s Say No To Hatred That is offered in Abundance from Every Front.

At a time when every channel in the Media, every political party is bombarding packets of hate to fulfill their goals, it is for us to decide are we on sale? Are we on sale to buy their agendas to spread hatred amongst us? Are we on sale for their self-interests? Are we on sale and be a goat to their mean trade games? It is high time, we say no this game of hatred. We rise collectively and say no to these fronts.

Hatred is never the answer as is said in our sacred texts too and Saints have always preached the same. Baba Ram Rahim Ji, for instance, has even made people of every religion sit together, not just calling Dera Sacha Sauda as a confluence of all religions. Otherwise, also ours has been the most tolerant philosophy. We have even welcomed enemy camps with open arms, and given such past, can we really hate our own brothers? The brothers who are inhabiting the land with us since time immemorial. They are equally liable to be called sons of this motherland as we are. Why hatred in the name of caste, religions etc. We have never helped people asking for their religion. But now, the trend is coming when caste acts as an important criterion for certain jobs, certain offers, and even hatred.

Can we pay the price of this hatred, warns Rev. Saint Baba Ram Rahim Ji? The price is really huge, it’s gonna be our generations. Another generation will be rearing this same hatred as an inheritance. Shouldn’t we leaving love and respect for fellow countrymen for them? Shouldn’t we spread the fragrance of humanity? When there are so many issues, so many challenges plagued by the Nation, who has time for hate? Yes, the media persons, the political parties definitely do.

But in a democratic situation, we can still decide for ourselves are we going to succumb to this hatred imposed on us? Let us all think logically, and come together for a bigger cause, humanity. There are more lives being taken by monsters like hunger, poverty, diseases etc. Let us strive to save them, together and make our ancestors proud of us. Let us set an example for the coming generations, and make them proud of us too. By acting now, by choosing wisely now, on not becoming a guinea pig, to these gimmicks, we are doing a huge favor to the future that we are answerable to. Baba Ram Rahim Ji puts too much emphasis on humanitarian welfare and acts of kindness, this is one means, by which the whole of humanity can come together forgetting their innate differences.