We all are the children of one Master, Allah, Waheguru or Ram. Our creator, the Master goes on showering graces and mercies non stop. He never questions the cast or creed of anyone and never sees higher or lowers among us. Those who call him with humility and meekness get their laps full to the brim while others remain empty. There is no discrimination with anybody in the abode of God. All human beings are one. Trees –plants birds –animals all and sundry are the rays from the glow of the Master. All are the grandeur of the impeccable light of the Master, says Rev. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Continuing further respected Guru Ji says that human being always remains enmeshed in illusions. Instead of thinking all as the children of Master; man does not recognize others from the point of view of humanity itself. Various disputes are ruling the roost among human beings these days.

Disputes regarding religion, caste and creed are very common. Pride is challenging pride these days. Man is emptied of humility and cordiality. Though such conditions were sure to prevail in this dense Kalyuga it was not fixed that man will not reform at all. Man can be reformed, while the other species do not possess the brain to think and analyze the matter properly and make changes in themselves, although nature is bringing changes in them as well. It is heard that elephants are taking birth in South Africa which do not possess teeth altogether. The master of nature has brought change in their pedigree. But the man himself can change his fate. Some persons argue that one gets only whatever is written by destiny for them, but this also has been recorded in religions that man is self-dependent with the power of thinking and analyzing.

Man can change his destiny if he wants. He can turn his mountainous deeds into pebbles and can see Allah, Waheguru or Ram in this world as well. You are on the wrong side if you sit idle and wait for fortune to smile upon you automatically and deliver you your due. You can gain anything only if you try for that and work hard and change your fate as well. It is a human being only who has been empowered by the Master to work hard and improve his circumstances. Changes in society are brought by human beings and not by animals. Animals may become good to any degree but if people are bad then society can not become fine. Society will certainly become good if men are good.        

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim says that all of our religions profess that we are the children of the same God and our caste is humanity. Therefore we must have mutual love amongst us. It is written in every religion that God is one and we all are his offspring. Those persons, who discriminate on the basis of caste and creed and ignore humanity, have got their eyes of knowledge closed or removed. They are blind though seemingly normal. Respected Guru Ji says that the preservation of humanity is the basic purpose of religions. Saints-seers always disburse common knowledge. Those do not belong to a particular section of society. Only that person can attain knowledge who shuns treachery and cleverly. Those who are ostentatious in nature do not get respect at the heavenly abode of Allah, Waheguru or Ram. Therefore shun delicacy and remember your Master honestly. You will need no humbug for it and your sincerity will earn you his creditable worthiness.