This world is not meant for living for ever. Do not attach your heart in it so much so that you may feel frustrated while leaving it. Many come in his world and many go. A son is born in some home while any one dies during that very moment. Somewhere celebrations are held due to arrival and somewhere pains of departure rule the roost. But those who love the Master do not feel sad in any way while departing from this world says respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan Those who bear love with the Master pray as,”Oh Master! Allah, Waheguru and Ram there is nothing for me to sulk or loose because you are with me here as well as there. I want you only. You must always be there where I look for you. You must be there wherever I may go. There should be none except you. Those who are the lovers of the Master gain access to him at every cost.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

Respected Guru Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that man has come here as a trader. Just like the traders of then world some deals in some commodities and other in other merchandise. Profit and loss are the part of business. This remains shrouded in the mystery of future. Man never deals in any business generating loss. It is his endeavor that there must be enhancement of money invested by him. But man does not bother about his precious breaths which are going awry without the memory of Allah, Waheguru and Ram. All are being wasted for nothing. If man may utilize them for recitation of Naam of Allah, Waheguru and Ram, all the better, otherwise these precious breaths are being wasted on cheap and useless pursuits which are not serving the real purpose. Man is busy in worthless activities and false actions day and night and indulges in undue hustle-bustle. Corruption, forgery, cheating and falsehood are on the rise. Man does not bother to fulfill humanly duties. Man has become so blind in attachments like Dhritrashtra that nothing except his own interests are visible to him. Dharitrashtra was so blind in the love of his son Duryodhan that he never noticed any mistake in his actions. Vidur ji, Bhisham Pitamah, Ved vaas like everybody tried to advise Dhritrashtra but of no avail. Still he thought that his son Duryodhan was right and everybody else was wrong. In the end all his dynasties were destroyed. No one to call his name remained alive. All of his sons were killed. Duryodhan died in the battle ground moaning, writhing in agony and defense-less in his last time.

Ram Rahim Singh

His Holiness says that people still do not learn any lesson and are blind in attachment-self interests. They become so deeply attached to their children that they can not distinguish between right and wrong. Lessons from history need to be observed. Man should not go too deep in sexual indulgence, anger, lust; attachments, pride-ego and greed that he may bye pass the reality. The meditation-sumrin-recitation of Naam of Allah, Waheguru and Ram are the real businesses in this world. That wealth is true which becomes helpful in both of the worlds. Therefore man must worship-meditate on the words given by the Master. Only one work is worth doing rest all are worthless. This world has to be left as it is one day then why do you not complete that urgent work which may be helpful to you in both of the worlds and fill all the happiness of both the worlds in your lap. Recitation of Ram Naam is the only such job. Therefore recite Naam both times at least for half an hour in the morning-evening. If you devote more time than this, the better. You will earn charms of both the worlds profusely.