When any person sits for recitation of Naam of Allah, Waheguru, or Ram then his naughty mind begins to play its tricks internally. The Naam of the Master sets upon the tongue of human being but his attention roams in materialism and worldly affairs. Attention is roaming everywhere and rosary is moving simultaneously. Mind is busy in planning for business. In this way people under the compulsion of their mind undertake the ostentation of meditation to Allah and the Master. says Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan.

His Holiness says that it is written in our religious scriptures that the meditation undertaken with due attention is only the right type of meditation. When a child yearns for his mother she comes rushing and will that Allah, Waheguru or Ram; who has gifted that adoration to the mother; not rush if called by anyone eagerly? People do yearn for that Master but demand things of materialism only. No body demands Allah, Waheguru or Ram from him. The paraphernalia of this world will remain here itself. It never accompanies with anyone. Many big and great kings-Maharaj as came here. Ordinary human being also came here but left this place after squandering something whatever he possessed. When soul comes here, it carries this body along with breaths granted by that Master, and when it not goes back empty handed but carries the deeds done during this birth. Its account is checked there in heavenly abode.

The number of breaths allotted to you by the Master were meant for the meditation of Allah, Waheguru or Ram. You will have to cut a sorry figure. That sorry state will be of no use then and you will be granted heaven or hell according to the result of those deeds. After completing that duration of comforts and pains you will again be pushed in the rotation of births –deaths. If anybody prays with true heart to Allah, Waheguru or Ram then freedom from this viscous rotation of trans-migration is possible, otherwise soul remains rotating in this system of trans-migration for ever.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that Our religious scriptures advocate for working hard. The money earned through corrupt practice, cheating, fraudulent means and forgery, becomes a slow poison. Peace and serenity departs from household. Love-adoration pulls out from home life and human being reduces to be a joke. Therefore earn through truthful means as written in our religions. The earnings received through hard labor undertaken physically or mentally may be less but grant so much peace, contentment and bliss which can not be gained by earning billions of rupees. Palaces, mansions have been seen being built through the earnings of cheating and dishonesty, but those residing in them remain mentally disturbed and upset. Those who possess huge amount of money are worried where to conceal that? The middle class man weeps that why my neighbor possesses more money than me? That man who is poor laments that had he got sufficient money then he would have built paradise here itself. Maya has made everybody to dance upon her tunes.

As per the writings of our religions that even if the palaces –forts are erected out of income of tyranny and oppression and there is no meditation of Allah, Waheguru or Ram, there is no love- mutual respect among the inmates then those palaces seem still like graveyards. On the other hand a hut with inmates having deep love with Allah, Waheguru or Ram, having mutual love among them. Such hut is said to be a sample of paradise by the saints. Only those who have contentment are the most blissful persons in this world. Otherwise even the emperor of Triloki is a grieved person.

Explaining the meaning of wealth of contentment His Holiness Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji says that the wealth granted by the Master to you should be enjoyed happily and social help may also be extended to the poor and hapless persons out of it. Work hard for that which has eluded so far but do not worry, do not create tension for it in your mind. This is what called as wealth of contentment. That person who possesses this wealth is the most comfortable person of this world; otherwise man goes on wandering dejectedly. He does not feel peace with what ever he may gain. What I mean to say is that a lot has been written I our religious literature but the question is that how far do we act? It is a matter to be seen. Seers have written,” Bina amlan ton ilm nikkamme sare.” Load the trains of knowledge if desired. Remember them by heart but if you do not act upon them accordingly then this knowledge is nothing other than carting the load. If you utilize the knowledge; though it may be less yet . you will become worthy of kindness- grace of Allah, Waheguru or Ram. But if you do nothing practical then though you may possess as much knowledge all will be useless. If you do not respect your parents and seniors and profess outside to love selflessly and to serve socially then condemnation may fall upon you! Every religion has accorded high position to parents.

If anybody begins to repay the debt of mother, then mother can grant him the pleasures more than those of paradise-heaven here itself. What a matter of pity that peoples are pushing mothers out of homes by beating with sticks When the hearts and minds of elders are filled with fear and pain then how one can gain peace in return? Therefore begin from your own home. Extend due love to youngsters and pay due respect to elders Love all selflessly and without any motive. Every religion advocates to love-adorn others selflessly, earn livings by rightful means, love is God.

If you will learn to love among each other then you will gain the love of the Master automatically. All the living creatures of the world, plants, trees, birds and animals are the issues of the Lord. If we extend our love-affection to the issues of God, extend help to them; then like man who rewards flavors to the person helping his child; will God leave him wanting? If you serve the offspring of the Master then Lord, Allah or Ram will conceal nothing from you. Do social service time by time, sometimes, because the worm of filth also lives the life of selfishness. If you are also living life in similar manner then what is the difference between you and it? Therefore adopt social service. It is Kalyuga now. If you put one step forward in the direction of the Master then he will come towards you by thousands of steps. He will shower so much mercies-graces and prosperity upon you that your lap will fall short to contain them all and you will be drenched to the brim internally as well as externally.