Respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that the time period from 2 to5 A.M .is the best and called Brahm - Muhurat. One should wake up at this time. One should meditate and earn one’s living through hard work and should love all the creatures of this universe. The time between 2 to 5 A.M. is the best of all scientifically as well, because the quantity of oxygen flowing during the period is the maximum. Therefore the waking up during this course is beneficial for health and spiritual progress. This all is recorded in religious scriptures. But what we people do? The religion asserts that the foremost duty of a person is to worship God, but man remembers God only when some problem encounters him. Some loss in business is staring on his face. Some ailments-illness had cornered him. Any child may fall ill; the fear of losing the service may be imminent. Those who remember the Master regularly are quite a few.

Putting some light upon the right method of meditation, His Holiness says that the method adopted by common people for meditation is wrong. Man may be appearing to be reciting the Naam of the Master by tongue but his mind may be wandering somewhere else. I may gain so much wealth; this change may happen in my household, etc all these thoughts go on running in the human brain while the tongue is busy in recitation. This is not the right way of meditation. This is rather a worship of business. The right method of meditation needs no sacrifice. For example, you are going somewhere, then walk upon your feet see with your eyes but recite the Naam of the Master through thoughts. This will result in .gaining credit for meditation as well as success in reaching upon your destination. Mothers-sisters while preparing food at home may continue to recite the Naam of the Master as well. This will result in a credit of meditation for them and goodness for those who eat that meal.

Continuing further His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji says that the second duty of human being as per our religions is to earn his livings through hard work and legal means. But in fact, a few do so. Mostly men resort to corruption, cheating, dishonesty, forgery etc and thus devour the share of others. No religion professes that earn Rs. 1000/- by cheating and offer a parsad worth Rs.5/- in the temple as God’s share. Those persons who eat by begging or through unfair means can never have peace of mind. The atmosphere of bliss, calmness and tranquility of his household dries up. Such a person turns to be like a puppet. He works whole day through illegal means, eats –drinks and sleeps down. Such a person is like a machine and nothing else.

His Highness says further that it is not through money power that one can get heaven or bliss. It is his misunderstanding. Though you may be feel you are poor but may be getting meals both the times, having a residence for shelter, clothes for wearing and possessing self satisfaction and you do the meditation –prayers to God , then certainly you are even the king of Triloki cannot be happier than you.

All the religions teach us that human beings should have the love –affection among themselves, because we all are one and our Master is also one. But man hates, disputes, envies others. If you are wealthy then even unknown persons will also salute you. But as soon as money goes, then what to mention of the unknown; even your own persons will turn their faces upon you lest you should demand anything from them. Rev. Baba Ram Rahim Ji warns that man these days has turned so mad for the sake of possessing an estate, land-holdings, cash- money that he does not Honour any relation and a brother becomes enemy of his own real brother. Brothers who grew together since childhood, played together, lived together but become thirsty of each other’s blood, just for the sake of money. It is a matter of great regret that men sell even their faith and integrity for the sake of money. In religious books, it has been recorded that such a time will come when money will replace all relations, brothers-sisters, mother-father, and friend-chums and as far as God even. Today that time has come. Even parents can be purchased through money these days.