Rightful Homage to the Jawans who laid their lives for the Nation- keep their names out of Political agendas

There is a strange atmosphere in the country since the famous Pulwama attack. The CRPF is getting involved in the martyrdom of the soldiers. It seems as if the leaders of the country are meant only by polishing their own state. Descent for them is not in priority. Lok Sabha elections are going to be held very soon in the country. In this situation, the leaders feel that there is no better chance of getting votes in the name of patriotism.

But this combination of politics and patriotism is not right. Neither vote will be won by this kind of rogue effort nor will the nation get any good through. Sadly, the leaders of some parties are clearly indicating that political gains can be be availed from these events. And both the major parties are not hesitating to do so. Many experts have warned against such tendencies including Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Cashing on patriotism, is the last thing one should do and moreover this could even risk the Nation into war when a possible threat of war looms over the Country.

The Army is taking action on its own level to act against the terrorists, which is commendable. But the ruling political parties trying to take political advantage of their bravery, is definitely unacceptable. There was also a lot of politics on Surgical Strike-1. In the same way, 12 days after the Pulwama attack, the politics of air force in Balakot started. There is an open war within the various fronts established by various parties. And army soldiers are still tackling the menace at the border, bearing casualties every single day. It is really shameful of our political leadership dwindling to such low level in the wake of upcoming Loksabha elections. Only if the common man could gather strength and time, to say no to such gimmicks. Why should we accept such low level techniques, and worst in the name of our brave army men? Gurmeet Baba Ram Rahim ji advocated people to give the highest regard to Army jawans and his followers make sure the Jawans’ families too are well taken care of and given utmost respect.

Since the respect and lives of our Army personnel is at stake, we should definitely look at logical solutions not resorting to names and finding faults with other party. High time all the political parties come together for this one highest regarded entity of the Nation, Indian Army. Please leave all your differences, and let us come together to find solutions and that will be rightful homage to the soldiers who shed their lives for the Nation.