Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan advocates that the wordy meaning of Satsang is the company of truth., and truth is one. That is Allah Waheguru, Ram who has numerous names and telling truth about him is sang. The colour of what ever company, one moves, surely leaves its imprint. If you begin to sit in the close proximity of a drunkard then you will start drinking. If you sit in the company of a gambler, then you will pick up gambling one day. If you move in the company of some good person then you will become good man. There is a famous saying that someone entering in a coal mine never comes out unaffected by soot and his clothes are blackened positively.

A well with saline water can never turn sweet though any amount of sugar may be added. A crow if painted white can not be termed as a swan, which will never cease to upturn the dirt with its beak. So many muddy streams join with Ganga water in the way. Dirty water or wine if poured in Ganga water does not turn into dirty water but instead of it, it becomes Ganga water. Similarly when a person attends Sat sang then all his evil habits are removed and he begins to lead a calm and blissful life. Sat sang teaches spiritual education and humanity; similar to the worldly education imparted in schools. Those who walk over to the venue of Sat sang are rewarded with freedom from worries tensions and problems and all the quarries of his mind are satiated.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that Shri Krishan Ji told in Shri Mad Bhagwat that one can not gain access to the Master as quickly by reading Vedas or other holy scriptures as by attending Sat sang. Whosoever gets a chance to listen the sermons in a Satsang is lucky one as per Vedas and religious scriptures; it is a matter of surprise to listen the subject of Ram Naam where ‘Maya’ is prevalent. People these days have begun to shy away from Sat sang because firstly persons are assembled and then money is collected from them.

This is not Sat sung but a business instead. Tulsi Dass Ji has written that the Name of God is sold free of charge, yet it is a matter of surprise that none comes forward to get it. If you declare that your bank notes will be doubled then there will be a lot of rush for lt. The Name of the Master is free of charge though priceless. God never charges anything for it. God was giver, is the giver and will be the giver. People are always directed I Sat sang to earn by the dint of hard work.

Elaborating on the description of saint, His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji says that the True Saint always prays for universal welfare, bestows blessings to all and demands nothing in return. Saints never resort to hypocrisy and rather teach public to shun such practice. Saints have no dispute with others. They do not nurture envy with others. They pray rather for the betterment of all. Just as trees always give shade and fruits to all, similarly saints deliver knowledge to others without any return.

Saints tell that everybody is sad and ill these days. Some are spiritually ill while others are physically ill. Spiritual illness has caught everybody. Voluptuous –licentious obsessions, anger, greed, egoism- pride, attachment, mind and illusion.  These seven diseases are enveloped in everybody.  In order to save one from them you will have to give some time while maintaining your domestic life. Get up in the morning between 2 to 5 am and recite the Name of the Master. In the night after two hours interval from taking meal, sit for meditation for half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening and recite the Gurumantra, Naam -Shabad. This will result in dissipating all the ills and worries.