Q = When all people Hindu, Sikh, Muslims and Christians are one then why they quarrel among themselves?

A = They have no knowledge- sense in them. People simply dress themselves according to their religions. But since no religion professes anything wrong and if they study it carefully then they will not fight among themselves resulting in maintaining the Ganga of love.

Q = W hat is the definition of spiritualism and worldly dealings?

A = If we admit that both of these can be one, then this presumption is not wrong. As per the teachings of religions, a man living in a household can attain happiness and salvation. For this one should rise early in the morning between 2 to 5 A.M. which is known as Brahm-muhurat. Remember God at this hour by reciting Gurumantra, and then engage in one’s work- business. Be ‘Karam –yogi’ through hands – feet and be Gyan –yogi through thoughts –tongue. If a man adopts this way of life then it will not be anything different. In the description, it can be said like this that man is united with religion through spiritualism, and man is distanced away from religion in worldly dealings. Man is entangled in the quagmire of materialism and worldly dealings. But if the balance is maintained in both then bliss and prosperity is ensured.

Q = While initiating Gurumantra why do you cover yourself with white cloth?

A= As per tenets of spiritualism and Sufism firstly it is considered sacred to go into trance while praying to Almighty, also mosquito-fly may not disturb. Secondly, when prayer is to be done by us then it to be done by our soul to God and both are inside. When both are inside than what is the fun of making noise outside? He responses earlier if you call him under cover, yearningly.

Q =Where does our soul go after death?

A= If the soul is initiated with Gurumantra then it becomes free from trans-migration and it reaches at such a place where God is seen everywhere. This bliss cannot be gained from any worldly means. If the soul has not been initiated with Ram Naam then it goes in the rotation of transmigration. First of all in vegetation, then in insects- moths and then after completing all the numerous birth-forms gains human body in the end.

Q = Where is the original place of the soul?

A = As far as this body is concerned the soul is scattered in the whole of the human body from head to toe. This fact comes to notice when the practice of Guru Mantra is done after initiation. Some of the devotees feel that something is going upwards. The main point where the soul concentrates is ‘Trikuti or ’Trinetra’ which is situated upon the forehead between both of the eyes.   

Q = A lucky fellow gains his target by a little hard work while an ordinary person does not get enough for filling his belly. Why so? 

A = As per religious beliefs the results of past deeds done by a person have to be faced by him during the present birth. Hence man should not bother about the fate of others but should concentrate upon his own duty with devotion to hard work and dedication. If the common man works hard faithfully and sincerely he will surely earn sufficient to make both ends meet. It is generally seen that man is not grieved from his own problems as much as from the prosperity of others. Therefore please do not pay attention to others, work hard and live blissfully.