“If money is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost, something is lost, and if the character is lost everything is lost”.

Children and youth today don't live in a "kid-friendly" world. They face serious problems as never before - problems such as substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and youth violence. There is a huge decline in morals among today’s youth especially in their educational area, where the motto is "go with the flow, do what everyone else is doing and last but not least who cares. Our society has a problem in providing positive youth development for all kids. In many ways, we adults give the wrong message to youth. 

Many adults are afraid of teens and because of this, they stop communicating with them. How many adults know the names of the children and youth in their neighborhood? How much conversation goes on between adults and teens when it is not organized? These things need personal attention by the parents. Our children and youth are in real need of positive youth development - and the cornerstone of youth development is character development. Every child has the right to develop his or her character so that he or she will know "right" from "wrong" and make decisions that will allow them to be a child of character and competence. History prevails that spiritual leaders play a vital role in character building. Spirituality and self-esteem play major roles in character development. 

They are the road maps that guide you as you act and move with others in the world. People with strong spiritual beliefs understand and practice the deep convictions of character.  Spiritualism believes that a life lived with reasonable restraint is the basis for happiness. Restraint makes a man patient, well behaved and tolerant. So our Vedas and religious scriptures teach us that even for living best life, one must live a restrained life. 

His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (torch bearer of Dear Sacha Sauda), who has started 100 welfare works to sweep the ill wills from the society, for him the issue of character building was not hidden. His Holiness believes that a life can be restrains only with the power of meditation. A meditation blended with Pranayam (Yoga) is really effective.   People are becoming the victim of many diseases and disorders due to their involvement in RAJAS and TAMAS driven by limitless desires. So, Guruji insists on a balanced life lived with moderation and through his teachings, he awakens the world about the greatness of such life. This character is declared an invaluable asset. It is important for a person to be careful about this asset. 

Guruji is inspiring people to have a strong moral character. For this with social need, Guruji has started a perfect campaign. Under this campaign, Guruji awakens the children as well as old, in the educational institutes established by Dera Sacha Sauda thousands of students and players by following the path of Brahmacharya (celibacy) have become great achievers. Students are given the training of restraints life by adding Yoga and meditation practice in their daily time table. His Holiness says that if a person follows 100% celibacy before marriage then he/ she will be blessed with healthiest siblings without any disability.  In short, today Guruji is the greatest engineer- who undertakes character building. Millions of people pledge to bear good character during Guruji spiritual programs. That is why after taking the pledge to be moral and restrained, shunning bad habits and liquor, Guruji teaches the free method of meditation to them. 

People are taught to spend a life full of values, principles and righteous action. By following this divine path of Guruji, millions of people have become worthy of respect. Thus this great work of Guruji is a unique example for society in the field of character building.